Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

Tanner would like to thank everyone for suggesting fresh catnip for his present...he loved it!

Weight loss update - this week we went down 1/2 ounce...a small loss, but a loss none-the-less.  He had such a large jump last week I am not surprised by a slower week.  His weight is now 17lbs, 15 ounces.

He has an appointment to see his vet tomorrow.  The bald spots are improving, but still there, so for peace of mind, I'd like to have him looked over.  Plus, she will be so pleased with his progress!


  1. Awwww Tanner! Enjoy your fresh nip!! You deserve it! Yay! take care

  2. Nip is the perfect treat!

    Paws crossed for the vet appt and for healing of the bald spots.

  3. You look great! We'll keep our paws crossed while you go to the dreaded V-E-T. XOXO

  4. Paws up, Tanner - that fresh catnip is well-deserved!

  5. Looking good, Tanner! Enjoy that well-deserved nip!

  6. You've been doing such a great job at weight loss, you totally deserve that catnip, Tanner!


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