Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

Tanner's weight stayed the same this week at 17lbs 15.5 ounces.  We are ok with is better than gaining!

I took Tanner to the vet last week to have his bald spots checked out...she seems to think it might be some sort of allergy, but to what is unknown.  We are putting some ointment on the spots twice a day, and they are all but clear now.  I have not found any new spots either!    She did culture for the dreaded ringworm, but I am pretty sure it is not that.  We have had it before and this did not look like it. 

She was very pleased with his weight loss and said we can try to slow it down a touch, especially since he is acting so hungry.  We can add an extra 1/8 cup of dry when he acts starved.  It is not a daily thing with us, but it is nice knowing that if he seems hungry, we can offer something extra. 

We were out of town this past weekend and had the pet sitter offer the extra dry each day, so I think that could be why the loss stopped this week.  We'll see how it goes next week.

In a couple of weeks, we will have a big (or rather tiny) announcement to make...stay tuned!


  1. We're glad Tanner's bald spots are clearing up!

    And it sounds like there might be a new kitten in the family!

  2. Purrs for Tanner to have that nice fur back fur the winter
    We all switched to all wet to get Buddy's weight under control. We probably mentioned that before. Getting off the kibble was rough.

  3. We'll be celebrating the weight loss with cat milk.

  4. That's great that the vet is pleased with Tanner's progress! Looking forward to your big (or rather, small) announcement. ;-)

  5. Tanner, you are really looking great, dude. Great job on that weight loss, and we are glad your spots have gone away!

  6. Good going, Tanner! Keep it up!!

    And we can't wait to hear about the teeny surprise. ;)

  7. Thanks for the purrs gang, I am finally feeling much better! Way to go Tanner!


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