Thursday, October 31, 2013

Play Time

Ollie is doing very well, and the others are all adjusting nicely to him now. 

 The first group photo, taken a few weeks ago.  Quality isn't that great, but I love that all three of my boys are in the shot! 
 Ollie loves to play!!  He is getting more coordinated each day.  Tanner and Cousin Sophie try to play with him, but he still likes to bite and attack, so Tanner spends a lot of time holding his baby down and teaching him!  Sophie doesn't realize how small he is, and she plays a bit rough, or runs too fast for him still...
This is the safe spot...when he's had a lesson from the others, he comes for comfort.
Playing is hard work...he will put himself to bed when he has had enough.  He loved when I put this blanket over was warm from the dryer.  He slept for at least another hour!


  1. Oh, he's a heartbreaker. What a little ham. Look at him, such a sweetie. :-)

  2. Ollie is beyond adorable! It's so nice that he is settling in so well.

  3. mom loves watching the tinies try to figure things out with the "big kids" in the house :)

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! We totally missed the introduction of this little sweetheart!! Awwwwww just read how he was found and now is with you! Oh poor little sweetheart!! Awwwww!!!! Hello lovely Ollie!! We are sooooooooooooo happy to meet you! You are adorable and we totally want to kidnap you and keep you! LOL!!!

    Take care

  5. What a little charmer! No wonder all thye other kitties are doing well with him. :)

  6. He is so sweet.
    Our new little fellow, Einstein, is also fitting in with the big boys. When they play they run and then jump over him.
    I keep him in his crate at night though so he is safe.

  7. Ollie is so cute. We're glad all the kitties are getting along.

  8. It is good to see them all getting on so well together. Ollie is a little cutie.


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