Thursday, October 24, 2013

Introduction - Oliver "Ollie" Hughes

Ollie came to live with us on October 7th.  He was about 3 weeks old, and weighed 11 ounces.  Why did we get him so young, you might be asking?  Well, he was found just laying under an apple tree when a couple was out walking.  (I'm thinking mom was transporting and dropped him when she heard people)  This couple took him to the animal shelter, but since he was so young, it was either move him into a home or euthanize him.  Thankfully a friend saw him and took him home.  He stayed at her house from Friday until Monday.  He was not eating well for her as she was not used to bottle feeding.  She asked if I would take him on Monday, and the rest is history. 

 It took a day or so to get him used to the bottle and drinking the amount he needed.  Once we figured out how warm he liked his milk, and which nipple he preferred, there was no turning back for this fella. He gained weight daily and continued to thrive...
He slept in the bathtub and spent time there when we were not home.  He was nicely contained and safe.  He had a litter box, which he used like a champ!  He also had soft blankets and a heating pad in case he was cool.  From day one, he slept through the night and did not need a feeding until morning.
 We would bring him down to play as much as possible.  He loves to jump on your legs when you are sitting down, and he adores shoes!  Even now, when he is tired, but not wanting to stop playing, he'll lay on your shoes. 
He is now almost 6 weeks old.  His eyes are still bluish, but I'm sure they will change soon enough.  He weighed 1 pound 5 ounces on Sunday.  He no longer takes his bottle.  He gave that up on his own.  He eats softened up hard food, and sometimes regular hard food.  He has a good many teeth.  He plays hard and sleeps hard.  He is still in the tub when we are not home and at night.  He may get to move into a bedroom with a baby gate this weekend.  He is sweet as pie and the boys are adjusting to him now. 
He is precious and I am so happy to have him in my life.  He is Oliver Hughes.

Notes on the name:  Hughes was my grandfathers name, and I had a toy growing up that I called Ollie.  I thought it would be a cute name for a kitten.  We call him, Ollie, Oliver, Little Bit or Jelly bean at the moment. 

Medical notes: He has coccidia when he was found, so he was treated for that.  He had round worms, so we have done one round of treatment and will do another this week.  He has not started any vaccines yet...I'd like him to weigh 2 pounds before we start on those, plus he is too young yet.


  1. Bless you for taking him! I love the nickname "Jelly Bean." LOL.

    I have no experience with very young kittens, either (thinking of your friend), would find it intimidating--i.e. I'd be afraid I'd so something wrong!

    Well, welcome, Oliver Hughes. Maybe you live a long, healthy, happy life in your forever home!

  2. Meow we have a baby at our house too. Dads friend brought him the other week and it was touch and go. He is now responding well and hopping around when Dad lets him out. He has his oven little cage for when Dad is not home. His name is Einstein. One of Dads friends says his wild hair reminded her of that person.
    He has wild hair alright.
    Timmy and Family with Einstein

  3. what a cutie!!!! glad he is safe with you.... he is getting big enough now the tub may not hold him for long :)

  4. He is adorable! How could you not fall in love with him immediately!? I'm so glad he's part of the family now.

  5. I always love to read about black kidlets finding homes! :-)

  6. We are not sure who is more blessed you or him, but in the end I believe you both are. What a wonderful story and a beautiful beginning.

  7. Welcome home Ollie, you hit the jackpot little dude!

  8. OMC! Oliver Hughes is the cutest! He's so lucky to be taken in by you...or is it the other way around?? ;)

  9. Oh, what a sweet baby! He is fortunate he is with you safe and sound. Nice to meet you Ollie.


  10. Happy Gotcha Day to Devon!!!!!

    Welcome to Ollie he is adorable. You found the best home ever little guy.

  11. Happy Gotcha Day to Devon. So glad that you have a wonderful home! Loved the photo of sweet Ollie. Way too cute.

  12. Ah, I needed something to make me smile. What a darling little curtain climber ! ;-)


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