Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

Tanner has another success to report this week...a LOSS of 8.5 ounces, bringing his weight to...
17 pounds, 15.5 ounces!! 
I wonder if last week, the low amount of loss was due to him getting into the other food, or if maybe he needed to visit the litter box :)  This week's jump was a bit large...
I will keep an eye on things and make sure he isn't losing too fast, but I am very pleased with his progress!
Things I am concerned about at the moment with Tanner:
1) He has a large (bigger than a half dollar) bald spot on the back of his neck.  I don't know if his body is rebelling about the calorie restrictions and therefore losing hair, or if it is something else.
2) He also has two smaller bald spots on the top of his head...scratching too much?  Allergic to the new food?  Cat fight with Cousin Pirate?
3) Definitely is obsessed with eating again, and seems starved all the time.  I would have thought as his weight reduced this would improve, but seems to be getting worse.  Wonder if he is really hungry, or just needs something to obsess over?  He is still taking his Prozac each night.
These are all things I will speak with the vet about, but wanted to get them down here as a reminder :)  If the bald spots get larger or don't start regrowing hair this week, he'll be taking a trip to the vet. 
Now that we have reached the 17's with weight, it's time for a new present for Tanner...what would you suggest? 


  1. Sounds like a hot spot or few. May be from over grooming.
    Our Buddy is ALWAYS food fixated. He is down from almost 20 to 14 or so. It took over a year but the switch to wet food and home made high quality treats helped greatly.

  2. Awwww lovely Tanner!! Well done you!! Maybe a nice bunch of fresh nip? Hope your bald patches heal soon too! take care

  3. Well done Tanner! Mum wishes I would be more obsessive with food because I never show much interest and only pick at it.

  4. We're so proud of you, Tanner! Ashton is the most food motivated cat ever, but she is surprisingly resistant to switching over to canned food for her diet.

  5. Great job, Tanner! You are AWESOME, dude!

    As for the bald spots ... it sounds like you're keeing an eye on them, which is what I would do. If they get bigger, then the vet sounds good.

    Tanner's present: maybe some fresh nip? :)

  6. WTG, Tanner! As far as his bald spots, it sounds like they are too awkward a place for over grooming, and if they were from him scratching, they would probably have sores or scratch marks. Just keep an eye on them - I hope his big present doesn't include a trip to the vet! But yeah, if those spots don't improve, combined with his voraciousness, it might be a good idea to have him checked out.

  7. Good going on the weight loss, Tanner. But we don't know what those bald spots would be from. We hope they clear up.

  8. Congratulations on the weight loss, Tanner.

    RE: the bald spot...Allergy? Don't know, but if something is making you itchy, could it be the food now, after all this time? We don't know. Paws crossed they heal quickly!


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