Friday, May 20, 2011

Tanner Tails

Today Tanner is off to the vet again to get his blood pressure checked. He was not pleased this morning to be shoved in the PTU again! This time he is going to see his regular vet instead of the cardiology group at the vet school.
Here he is sitting the car, trying to alert the neighborhood that he is being taken should have heard him! I tried to video him singing, but he stopped when he saw the camera, typical.

Sitting in our room at the vet...he is hooked up to the blood pressure machine...notice the blue cuff around his tail? This machine was a bit alarming, as it kept beeping at him...that's enough to get anyone's blood pressure up!

Close up of the cuff on his tail...

Now they are trying it on a front arm...he is holding on for dear life! He turns into a super snuggly boy at the vets office! I'll take hugs anyway I can get them from my boys :)

The only reading they were able to get was on the high side, so he is spending the morning with them. I will go and rescue him in a couple of hours!

I hope his blood pressure isn't high enough to require a change to our medications, but we will do what needs to be done to keep the boy healthy. I also have a 'diet' plan I am going to discuss with his vet today too. I found some great information at the Pet Obesity Prevention page, but I want to run these ideas past his vet just to make sure we are on the right track.

We hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Awww, Tanner, poor boy! Of course your blood pressure is're at the vet! We can't imagine how it will come down to *your* normal while there.

    And yes, we certainly can tell you're holding on to your mom for dear life. We don't blame you one bit. We hope you're home soon--paws crossed and purrs for you!

  2. Poor Tanner. I can't imagine any of the cats here having that done to them.I don't see how they get an accurate reading since the cat has to be stressed having that done to them. We sure hope you are all right. Take care.

  3. Oh Tanner, I agree with the blood pressure would be up too with all that going on. I hope you have a calm and relaxing weekend!

  4. Hi Tanner! We are sorry you had to go to the vet! We can understand why your blood pressure was high after that! Most of us are like you in the car - we try to let everyone know we are in there.

    We are sending you lots of purrs for the doctor not to need to change anything for you - we hope the news is good!

  5. Oh Tanner.... I hope your blood pressure is okay. Put one of those cuffs on me and my bp would go sky high. Thanks for the link to the pet obesity experts... HH has been worrying about the boys gaining too quickly. They are doing okay according to the info over there. Now she can relax a little.

    Have a great weekend.

    pawhugs, Max

  6. Awwww my stars!! Awww that is such a cute pic of Tanner hugging you for dear life! AWwww that's adorable - bless his gorgeous heart! Awwwww!!

    Me and Charlie are purring very hard that his blood pressure is ok!! We hope he's ok!! Awww he's so totally gorgeous hugging you!! Take care

  7. Tanner, I feel for you. I HIDE under my Mommy's shirt! And I sing bad opera in the car.
    Here's to lower readings later and a long snooze when you get home!
    yr Pal, Tiny Johnson

  8. Tanner, maybe your blood pressure was high because you were at the evil v-e-t! We sure hope it comes down and you are okay!!

  9. Tanner, You are very brave !
    I almost faint when I see that evil tube sucked your blood. Paws crossed for your results and purrs for you to feel better so soon.
    Hugs and Kisses to you my friend

  10. I think Tanner did awfully well, all factors considered! I must be stupid but I never knew that they put the blood pressure cuff on the tail. Poor baby!!! I hope his blood pressure went down and that he is home and all is fine!

  11. Tanner, I get so freaked out at the vet, I'm sure my numbers for pulse, blood pressure, etc., are all off! I have no idea how they can get a proper reading for us kitties! I hope yours turn out okay!

  12. Tanner is very brave and adorable!

  13. Thank you for coming to see us, as we have just joined the Cat Blogosphere. I hope Tanner is all right. Two of mine have to go for their check-ups in early June, and I know the vet will lecture me about Josie's weight. Sigh. The best place for high-blood pressure is home: safe, secure and happy.

  14. Poor Tanner! We can understand how your blood pressure would be elevated at the v-e-t. We hope your weekend was relaxing. :)


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