Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wildlife Wednesday

Last weekend mom and Auntie went to the Wildlife Festival...there were many fun animals to learn about...we thought we'd let mom share with you today...
This is a vulture. Not sure what kind he is though...

This is an owl...maybe a barred owl. Some animals were better labeled that others :) He belongs to the Piedmont Wildlife Center.

This is an Eastern Screen Owl (Grey morph). His tree was cut down, and his right wing amputated by the chainsaw.

This is a barred owl...she is visually impaired in both eyes. She came to the rescue as a result of a collision with a car. Barred owls are one of the most common owls in the US.

This is a Great Horned Owl. They are found throughout the US and are the largest and heaviest of the horned owls in the US. They will eat cats! This sweet girl has a wing injury.

This is a Red-Tailed Hawk. She collided with a truck and broke her leg therefore she cannot be returned to the wild.

This hawk was a 'pet' of sorts for a falconer. He uses her to hunt mainly small animals like rabbits and squirrels.

This is an Eastern Screech Owl. He is fully grown...what a cutie!

There were other examples of wildlife at the festival as well, such as turtles and snakes and and Auntie enjoyed the birds the most though.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing this wildlife today...tomorrow, we'll show you a guest we found in the garden!


  1. On the one hand it's sad to see so many birds in captivity because of injury, never to fly free again (physically not able to, we mean). On the other hand, they can serve a higher purpose--education, understanding, respect for All Beings, etc.

    We really enjoyed the photos!

  2. Wow those are very cool birds! We like the owls a lot because we don't get to see them often. We do see hawks sometimes and we have never seen a vulter at all before - very cool!

  3. Awwww I love these birds - huge and majestic and absolutely lovely!!! Thank you so much for these wonderful pics!!! Yay! take care

  4. So sad that so many of them are in captivity because they've been injured. But how amazing to be able to see and learn about such majestic creatures like you did. Thank you for sharing! :)

  5. My mom said sometime my face look like that Eastern Screech Owl, Could you believe that ?
    Thanks for share many pictures of wonderful birdies !

  6. Wow! Those are some big birdies!! Thanks for sharing them with us today!!

  7. Birds that eat kitties?! That is not right!!!

  8. Interesting birds - the owls are all quite impressive.


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