Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday in the Garden

Today we are in the garden...the boys still aren't allowed out because of allergies, but they have given me permission to show you around.
You can see other beautiful gardens at Jonesie's place...

In the bed near the intersection we have Day Lilies that are blooming now, blanket flowers and some purple things. We are trying to get this bed established so we don't have much work each season in it...

These pretty purple flowers are very wild looking and we love them!

Here is our visitor...Auntie found him when she was tying back the daffodil you see him?

Here is a better you see him now? It's a toad! He was gone later in the week when I went back out to look for him...I hope we will see him again though.

Well there you have it...our garden tour with a visitor.


  1. What a fun blog! Make sure, though, that the four crazy feline authors realise that those day lilies could spell their demise. Hemerocallis and Lilium type lilies kill cats by destroying their kidneys (you have a 6 hour bracket to get them to a vet before permanent renal failure sets in). My lovely torty would still be alive today had she not taken on a lily.

  2. Your garden is coming along very well! And we saw Mr. Toad in the second pic, but not the first. He was well-camouflaged!

  3. Thanks for showing us around. Great looking garden! Our Day lilies have just started but they is not blooming yet!

  4. Awww me and Charlie love your beautiful toad and gorgeous blooms!! Yay! Take care

  5. Your Garden lookz Really Great ~ We likez your Visitor ^..^ We used to have frogz in da pondz but they dissapeared ??? :(((

  6. Everything sure looks nice...and the toad is way cool!

  7. Your Garden look Awesome !!!!
    And I like Mr. Toad : )

  8. Very nice garden. That toad would have made me jump if I was working in the garden and happened upon him!

  9. Your garden is coming along nicely! Maybe if the toad comes back, the kitties can make friends with him. Or something.

  10. Hey, we think Mr. Toad came to our house! Mom saw him on our patio where she has some flowers she's gonna plant!!

  11. We could see Mr. Toad! How cool is that?


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