Monday, May 23, 2011

Mancats Love to Clean

This weekend we spent a lot of time at home cleaning. It was a great weekend for it, and the mancats helped out. We were recently given a bottle of @SeaYu Clean+Green Natural Pet Stain + Odor Removers to try out. We were given the Furniture Refresher. It took us a while to figure out a good place to use it, because our cat beds are simply washed in the washing machine, and the slip covers on the couch are washed periodically too. So what would be a good area to use this product? I asked the mancats...and the answer was unanimous. They all said this area near their favorite cat tree needed to be cleaned. Someone, who shall remain nameless, pees in this area on occasion. While most of the liquid hits the carpet, some will get on the curtain. We thought we would try the furniture refresher on the curtain, as it is a difficult area to clean.
I sprayed the curtain, and went ahead and did the floor as well...Let it dry and was impressed with how well the residual odor that was left by our other cleaning agent was removed. The area was fresh and clean smelling. The little bit of stain on the curtain was removed too. We were happy to not have to take down the curtains to wash them!!

Smokey gives the Clean+Green products two lasers on!

If you haven't tried these products, I recommend them. You can visit their website here, and see how the products work, and the many varieties that are available.


  1. I shall get mummy to order some of this. Not that I am messy or anything hee he :)xx

  2. We got to try out the Fabric Refresher too! Our mom uses it on the couch and really likes it!! It works well and doesn't have a perfumy smell like some other fabric refreshers!!

    We need to get going and do a review too!!

  3. good review!! my cat isn't too bad with stains and smells but i think this would come in handy eventually...

    do drop by our blog when you have the chance by the way! we're a cat+human duo from Hong kong

  4. Yay for fab products that work on kitty pee!!! Thanks for the review!! Take care

  5. Mommy is going to try this where SomeCat likes to pee in the laundry room. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. That's good to know.... not that WE"D never need it!

  7. we have featured Clean+Green on our blog a few times and we agree, their product is fantastic!


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