Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Toes and Tummy Tuesday

Smokey shows off his cute toes, his yoga skills and his bald belly...in one post!
Giving a good wash to those cute chicken legs...love those spread toes...
Leg down...washing the belly...Smokey washed his belly bald in September 2009, and the hair has not grown back yet.
Here's a close-up of the bald belly...it is nice and warm :)

Have any of you with stress bald patches ever grown the hair back? If so, how long did it take?
Still washing...love the pointed toes and the tail position...you go Goose! Brother Tanner could take some washing lessons from Smokey!

BTW - This is Smokey's favorite place to sleep...he takes over my pillow every night :)


  1. The mom thinks the bald spot is extra-kissable! :-)


    Mom Kim here: I have a friend whose cat has over-groomed herself to the point of baldness, in varying patches. The cat's fur has not grown back and she continues to over-groom. She's been tested six ways from Sunday and has come up healthy, so apparently it's not a physical issue. My friend tried, briefly, kitty prozac or some such, but didn't like the effect it had on her cat, so stopped. The cat is otherwise healthy, so everyone just lives with the bald spots.

  2. We like your bald spot too. And it will be a nice thing to have in the summer time. Very cool.
    Does his belly itch??

  3. Your little pink spot looks cute to us and if you are healthy then that bald spot is just fine. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. That is some serious multi-tasking going on there xx

  5. Those are great pics! I've not had any bald spots, my Dad does!

  6. Awwww beautiful Smokey!!!!! Me and Charlie are in AWE at your yoga skills!!!!! And you do have the cutest toes too!!

    My Ol' Girl used to lick patches of herself raw. Then she'd suddenly stop but just as the furrs would just be grown, she'd start again. To this day I have no idea why. Me and her vets tried everything, diagnosed all sorts -but nothing worked. She stopped when she wanted to then start again!!

    Good luck with Smokey!! Take care

  7. Smokey is being very thorough in his bathing, so he's obviously a good groomer -- perhaps TOO good.

    My Domino has a bald lower belly now, too -- where she never had before. I think the fur would grow back, but she keeps overgrooming it. That's likely the case with Smokey, too.

    I really don't know why they do that -- apparently cats who are stressed do this -- but my Domino certainly isn't any more stressed than usual.

    Maybe you could ask Smokey why he does it, and let me know.

  8. Awww, poor baby...the bald spot doesn't seem to bother him at all; if we were as acceping of our faults, huh?

  9. Furtastic leg work there, Smokey

    Nishiko xxx

  10. That bald belly is so cute, he juat wanted to make a spot for you to give extra kisses!

  11. Wow, Smokey! You bathing sure is entertaining!! And our mom says she wishes she could reach in the computer screen and tickle your cute bald tummy!!

  12. Flynn: I washed my tummy to well for years and years and had a bald pink tum. About a year to 18 months ago I stopped over washing it and now the fur has grown back.

  13. I love the poses that kittehs can get into -- oh, if I were only half as flexible!

    My cat Mickey licked his belly bald too. Previously, the fur did grow back but now it's been bald for about a year.


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