Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday in the Garden

It's been a while since we have done a gardening post...there just isn't much to report on in the winter...lots of brown everywhere! If you want to see more wonderful gardens check out the Society of Feline Gardeners and Master Gardener Jonsie! Our friend Buddy has come back out to help eat the seeds on the ground...the cats love to watch him! The tulips are blooming can also see that the blooms on the daffodils have gone. Now we just have those green stalks for a few more weeks. Eventually we will get tired of looking at them and tie them back into neat bundles. We've heard you aren't supposed to cut them off because it will impact the size of the blooms the next year. We aren't sure if this is just an old wives tale or not...anyone else familiar with this practice?

Our catnip is growing like mad again! These are all babies from the larger plant we pulled up last year. After a while catnip gets too woody and stalky and needs to be removed so it can regrow fresh and new.
This is our brocolli plant looks a bit crazy! We are going to pull it up soon... The newest addition to the gardening tools...a composter. Auntie is working hard to make some good soil for us and the plants will appreciate it this summer! Do any of you compost? Any tips or tricks for newbys?

Well, that's the garden...the pollen counts are on the rise, so us kitties can't actually get out right now. Smokey is on high allergy alert at the moment and we are all sacrificing to keep him clear.


  1. Wow, your garden looks fantastic, especially the catnip plant. We think our Mom might try to grow some catnip for us this year.The tulips look great too. Hi there Mr Squirrel. Looks like you wintered well.

  2. Wow!! Look at your gorgeous catnip plant!! It's very healthy!!

    I just let the daffs die back and then when they're all icky looking just snip off the browned leaves. I'm too wimpy to tie them back! LOL!!

    Your tulips are beautiful!!

    I used to compost in my previous home - we just dumped lots of organic stuff in and hoped for the best!!! We got lots of earthworms!!

    Take care

  3. Things are looking great with your garden!!! Hey, our weeds are growing quite nicely!

  4. What a great gardening post! You're way ahead of us -- we're still trying to get rid of the snow as you could see.

    It gives us hope to see your blooming tulips and catnip, though, so thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Your spring flowers look great!!! We don't have any yet.

    Yes it is a fact that you must let the leaves stay until they become brown and shriveled because they are currently feeding the bulb for next year. When they are brown or yellowish, their job is done. Isn't nature wonderful :-)

  6. Your garden look really beautiful and so NEAT !!!

    But I really wanna pounce Mr Squirrel..hee..hee..hee It's hard to resist ! Lucky he is not in my garden

    Have a lovely day

  7. Yes you should leave the leaves until they die, and also it is a good idea to remove the dead flower heads so all the nourishment goes back into the bulbs and not into the seed heads. Your plants are looking lovely.

  8. Wow, that pathetic little thing my human planted the other day looks nothing like your catnip plant!

  9. Wow! Your garden is looking waaaaaay better than ours!! We got nothing growing yet.

  10. you has lots of tulips, my mommeh's favorite flower!

  11. Loverly garden waiting for warm weather! Your nip looks delicious! Yep, Teri said leave the daffi and twolip leaves on til brown...tying them up looks kinda pretty too...


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