Monday, February 28, 2011

Mancats Exercise

The other day we decided to weigh Tanner. He struggles with eating too much and it is starting to show again. We had been working on his weight, although not as consistently and strictly as we did in the beginning. He has been down to close to 17 lbs, but at this weigh-in, he topped the scales at 19 lbs! We vowed to monitor him more closely...Later we went into Aunties room, and this is what we found...
Tanner exercising!
He hopped on the elliptical by himself and is trying to lose weight. I am not sure his regiment will burn enough calories to help him lose, but it is a step in the right direction...
I need to find a way keep on target with Tanner's weight loss. He has his annual cardiology visit in June and we do not want to get another lecture on his size! That was most embarassing last time :) Last year they were pleased that he had maintained for the whole we at least need to get back down to about 18 lbs. We will keep you posted...

If you have any suggestions on losing please let us know. We are currently feeding him a prescription diet of low calorie and high protein and fiber, along with some canned food daily.


  1. All we can say is good luck. Do you feed two meals a day? More? Maybe it's better for Tanner to have the same amount of food divvied up over several feedings? Or maybe you do that already. (Thinking maintaining metabolism here, not sure if it's the same for cats as it is for humans.)

    We boys need to lose weight too (Nicki 2 pounds, Derry about 3). It's easier now, the mom says, because Annie was such a picky, small eater, only nibbling a few bites at a time. It was hard to try and get her to eat...while getting us to stop eating so much! (Which is NOT to say, in any way, that the mom feels better off without her beloved baby girl. Just a comment on it being easier to watch what we're being given.)

  2. Good luck with getting a diet regime for adorable Tanner! He's such a sweet boy showing that he's willing to help too! Yay!!!!

    Take care

  3. Love that last picture!! Good luck with that. Henry is almost 18 pounds, but we rarely see him eat. He must do it at night.

  4. Oh no, not the diet word! One of my sisters could stand to shed a few pounds...but I'm not about to bring it up!

  5. Diet ! Did I heard Diet ?
    That's cruel !!!!

  6. My two roommates are big pigs! But they still have normal weights because my human does not feed them very much! In fact, when my human switched from morning kibble and evening grain-free canned food to all grain-free canned food, they each lost a pound over time (Binga is now 10-1/2 lbs. and Boodie is a little over 11). But I think Tanner would complain if he got fed as little as they eat - they only get one 3-oz. can split between the two of them for breakfast and one 6-oz. can split between the two of them for dinner. Plus a small healthy treat or two during the day, but not every day!

  7. We hope Tanner can lose some weight! We've always heard that dry food has more calories than canned food and cats that eat primarily dry will gain weight. You might want to consider feeding Tanner more canned foods than dry. We get mostly canned with some dry as a snack. We also eat grain free foods.

  8. poor Tanner! He is a big boy! You could try putting his dry food into something like a Bat-A-Rat (which would make him have to work for it and would enable him to slow down when he is eating).
    Cody is overweight as well. He is smaller boned than Tanner but he weighs around 12 lbs.
    I would try cutting his portions down (just like a person! lol)


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