Friday, February 05, 2010

Virtual Artwork

Olive did an outstanding job on our virtual paintings! We couldn't be happier...and since the money went to a good cause, we are even more excited.
Smokey's painting...such a handsome Goose :)
Devon looking gorgeous as ever...

Tanner, my handsome orange doodle...

Mojo, my sweet angel boy :)


  1. Oh those are great paintings! They look wonderful!

  2. Now those are some really good looking pictures.

    They capture your natural kitty selves so well.

  3. Hi

    They're excellent!!


    take care

  4. These are fabulous. What a wonderful way to keep their images with you always. Precious!

  5. Absolutely Gorgeous! We think our mom is going to have to get ours done!

  6. Those are wonderful.. Realy gorgeous.. Hugs GJ x

  7. Y'all are looking good...but that's normal!!! Have a great weekend!

  8. Wow, you must be thrilled! What lovely virtual art! It was wonderful to see Mojo included, too. How well I remember him from doing his Groucho Marx Lookalike on the LOLSpot! Very cool!

  9. Those are great!! We had Olive do our paintings too and we are so happy with them! Mom actually took them and had 5x7 photo prints made so she can frame them!

  10. Olive is a master of an artist and your Vpurrrtraits are so beautiful!
    Be sure to tell your friends that they can have one commissioned for them. Send them over to the auction and on the side bar is all the information on how to get one for yourself or buy one for a friend.
    Of course the purrrtraits are beautiful because the subjects are so beautiful or should I say handsome?

  11. Wow, those are super paintings. You should be very proud of them. We need to get Mom to have some done of us.


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