Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Hairy Blanket!!

It was exicting at our house yesterday...a package arrived! I had emailed Peggy of Peggy's Hairy Blankets the other day asking about how to order a blanket. She responded to me very quickly. I needed a blanket for Tanner and Smokey's birthday in April. I thought they would love another soft place to lay. Anyway, it came yesterday, and we are all pleased with how it turned out!
It's a little hard to see because of my photos, but the blanket has purple (for Smokey), green (for Tanner) and Peggy even included some blue for Devon. It's perfect for our family.
Here's a close up to show the colors. I was planning on putting it away until April, but finally came to my senses and put it on the couch.
It didn't take long before Devon had found it and was snuggled down in it. Tanner and Smokey were hanging out elsewhere in the house, so they haven't seen it yet. I'm sure I'll get pictures before long though. Thanks Peggy, we all love it!


  1. That hairy blanket looks so comfy!! You guys are so lucky!!

  2. Yeah we think mom needs to contact her too! We SO hafta get one of them! Enjoy guys!

  3. What a great blanket! Wow! Looks cozy.

  4. OHHHHHHHHHHHH, it looks soooooooooooo comfy!!!!!

  5. Oh it's lovely!

    I'm so tempted to get one...!

    For the Cat not for me.


    Take care

  6. Your hairy blankie is very pretty. We won one on the auction for Spot and Fiona and we love it.

  7. Neat, a hairy blanket. Looks warm and wonderful.

  8. We have one on the way from Peggy too that is very similar in colors! We LOVE hairy blankets!

  9. That is a great blanket - we have one and the cats love it! She does such a great job (as I always say, the blanket is WAY too nice for our crummy couch).

  10. Peggy's hairy blankies are the best, we adore ours. You boys will love it!!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  11. That is a beautiful blanket...that Peggy is awesome!

  12. Wowie!!! Cutie new blankie!! I hope the other kitties enjoy it as much as Devon seems to be enjoying it. Hehe. :)

  13. What a fantastic blanket! Peggy is wonderful!!
    Purrs, Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla


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