Thursday, February 04, 2010

Devon in the snow

Devon's turn for snow pictures! Devon refused to go out until the patio was cleared. He enjoyed the fresh air on Sunday. It's always nice to stretch!
Checking out the birds...
Wondering what all the white stuff it...why is it so wet and cold?
We tossed him on out in the snow to see what he would do because it was clear, he wasn't going by himself :)
I'm outta here!
Let me back inside...I've had enough of the cold toes.

The end!


  1. Yep, we agree that the cold wet stuff is no fun on our paws - luckly we don't have to go in it (mom doesn't let us out). It only looks fun when it falls from the sky!

  2. Yup, think we'd do the same thing, Devon, if we ever encountered that white, cold, wet stuff. xxxxxxxxx

  3. Awww, Devon doesn't like the cold snow!

    Much better to be inside all nice and warm!


  4. Smart Devon, wait for someone to shovel for you...did you enter my give basket give away? One more day till we pick the winner!

  5. TEEHEEHEE! Looks fareezing! And that furst picture, effurytime we do that stretch, mom makes farty noises!

  6. Love the tail high in the air.

  7. Yep, cold toes and shivering whiskers means time to go in and get warm!

  8. That was pretty mean of them to throw you in the snow!!

  9. I so agree the white stuff is awful.. Say warm.. Hugs GJ x

  10. Who wants cold toes. Do the humans walk outside without shoes and socks? No, so why do they think they have the right to put us in the snow? I think you should put the bitey on them.

  11. Smart kitty! Devon knows where it's warm and snug!!

    Tamir wanted to thank you for stopping by on his birthday. You helped make his day extra special!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids


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