Friday, February 26, 2010

Flashback to Fosters

I've said many times that fostering kittens was a lot of hard work but very rewarding. Here are a few kittens waiting for dinner. Love all the helpers!
Our foster coordinator knew that black kittens were my weakness, so we always had a house full! The two black and whites were a bit shy, but were adopted together. They were sweet boys that just needed some patience to come out of their shells.

One of the brown tabbys and a black one were rescued from some brush by a man who had started to burn the pile when he heard their cries. They were just a few days old. They would both fit in the palm of your hand. Kayley lost a bit of her tail, otherwise they were both fine.

The other black ones and the brown tabby were supposed to be a group we watched while their foster mom went on vacation. We had them until they were adopted :) They were the 'C' group. Cole, Caleb, Cathy, and Caitlyn. Those boys were a took them forever to start eating from a plate. They wanted their bottles as long as we would give it...tough love won out though and they switched to a plate :)
Devon hanging out on the counter staying away from the munchkins!

Finally, I finished with the plates and everyone sat down to eat.

Kittens eat a lot and are quite messy! Mixing dry with the canned to get them used to eating that...weaning is always fun :)

This is Harrison. He is one of the fosters that was very tempting to want to keep. We had him from just a few days old. He was quite sick, and we weren't sure he would make it. He didn't know how to suckle on a bottle because he was so congested, so we syringed him for a while, and then he learned how to drink from a spoon. We would mix his KMR with som AD canned and he would slurp from a spoon! He was adopted to a wonderful home that continued to spoil him rotten. He was full of himself to say the least :)


  1. They are beautiful, and so are you for helping and loving them. Have a wonderful weekend y'all!!!

  2. Oh, look at them all! I've never fostered, though my cats ARE adoptees, but my co-worker fosters kittens. Very difficult, emotionally, to let them go (which is why I can't bring myself to do it). My co-worker has adopted two of the mums, actually, because she knew they wouldn't easily find homes, whereas the young ones would. Now she says no more mums with babies, just babies.

    Really, kudos to you for doing this. I think you have to be a very special kind of person to be able to do this--and to be able to let go.

  3. Awwwww - I double what Brian said in his comment!

    You are just wonderful to be looking after such precious, precious babies.

    I wish with all my heart to have given them a forever home myself - but I'm doubly happy that they've gone to their own happy ever after families.

    Take care

  4. What a wonderful person you are.......may you be mightily blessed for what you do for all these homeless darlings. xxxxxxxxxx

  5. God bless you for all your hard work. I would love to see a stack of cats like that in my house, except for the litter boxes.

  6. What beautiful kittens and fostering is such a wonderful generous thing for you to do. I fall in love too easily and it would be hard for me to let them go...*sigh*

    purry purrs

  7. Wow what a group you had - they are all such cuties! And we agree too - it is so good that you gave them such a wonderful start in life!

  8. How did you not step on any of them! ;-)

    We think it's so great that you fostered all of them!! What a good feeling knowing that you influenced the beginnings of their lives!! Our mom would like to do some fostering, but she doesn't think we could handle having all those other cats around us.

  9. Please you for taking care of all these little ones when they needed it most!

    Those little munchkins certainly can munch, can't they? They're really chowing down.

    It must have been a lot of work, but so rewarding!

  10. They are all gorgeous. We think you and all the others who foster are wonderful people.

  11. Oh they are so precious! I love the photo of the striped grey kitty looking straight at the camera. I had to enlarge that one. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  12. We LOVE humans who foster! Thank you for saving these kitties lives! Our Mom was in foster care and we were born in foster care. (Mom was pregnant when she was rescued, and was spayed the day we were neutered.) Purrs to you for doing such wonderful work!

  13. Those kitten are just wonderful to look at, and the stories of their rescues are touching.

  14. That is awesome. Thanks for the great and wonderful work you are doing. Have a terrific weekend!

  15. They are all so sweet... They are also lucky to be with you - will get lots of love :)

  16. You looked like you had your hands full there with all those babies! We do fostering here too, and we had a litter of 3 black and 1 grey kittens last fall that we named Matthew, Mark, Luke (grey), and Joann. We almost adopted Mark, the runt of the litter with a kink in his tail. We have photos of them and a movie on our blog.

    BTW, we wanted to stop by to tell you that we had a multi-way tie for the Gold Medal in the Bird and Squirrel Watching event! We have an Official Gold Medal Badge on our blog for you to display on your bloggie!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

  17. A house full f fosters looks wonderful!

  18. I wonder how many toes there are there. They're sooo cute.

    You're such an angel, agreeing to take in all those little trouble-makers!!


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