Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Toys on Tuesday

The boys have a room in the house where the majority of their toys are kept. That doesn't mean there aren't toys and condos in every other room, but this is where most of them reside. We bought this house with kitten fostering in mind, and so we made sure to have an extra bedroom that we could dedicate to that purpose. We haven't had any kittens since moving, so this room is for the boys. We still call it the kitten room though.

Tanner looking at a basket of overturned toys, wondering which one to play with next.
Smokey showing how to use the scratching post in this room. This is the oldest one we have, and it's held up remarkably well. This room is on the second floor, so the cats love to lay on this condo and look at the backyard where the bird feeders are located.

We have the "Anti-Tanner" cage set up in this room, so the skinny cats can eat when they want. The hole at the front is small enough that Tanner can't fit, so this works pretty well. Devon, pictured here, also doesn't think he will fit, but he can if he squeezes just a bit. I finally found him in the cage this past weekend, so that made me happy that he's figured it out!

Tanner and Smokey walking around the tunnels. These are great fun...Tanner loves to run through them chasing a string. He also enjoys sleeping in them.

The only bad thing about these tunnels is you have to hand wash them, because the wires that hold them up won't go in the washing machine.

The closet in this room is the one Smokey opened yesterday on the video. It holds their carriers and extra blankets and beds.

Tanner and I play in this room every morning...sometimes Devon joins us, but he is usually too busy helping Auntie get her makeup on to be bothered.

PS - Thanks to Zoolatry for another wonderful Header...we love it!


  1. Happy Tuesday. What a marvelous kitten room!!!!!

    We love your new banner.

  2. You guys have the coolest, most pawsome room ever! We wanna come over and play!

  3. Holy Smokes~!!! What a room! We wanna come over and play in there! And the new banner is great!

  4. Wow! That's quite the play room you got there! We have most of our big toys in the living room 'cuz mom and dad don't use that room as much and there's hardly no furniture in there...even though mom says one day she's gonna get that room professionally decorated...guess when she does that, we'll have to get a kitten room like you guys!

  5. Your new header is beautiful! You have as many toys as we do!!!

  6. Your kitten room is great with all sorts of exciting things in it.

  7. That is the biggest collection of toys I have ever seen, and I love the "skinny cats" food cage with a "no Fatties" cardboard door. Brilliant!

  8. That is a pawsome kitten room! How lucky you guys are. We have a box full of toys too. Sometimes our Mom will pull a toy out of the bottom of the box and we play with it like it's a brand new toy. (because we have totally forgotten all about it!) So when can we come over and play in your playroom? xoxo

  9. Hi, it;s first time to leave a comment : )
    Great blog!!!
    and what a great toy collection you got!!
    Kitties are so lucky to have MANY toys to play with : )


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