Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy February

My February calendar. The photos on this page are of Mojo last year. The one in the grass just looks like pure contentment. That boy loved to be outside, unfortunately he couldn't go out as much as he would have preferred because of his allergies.

The photo on the right, is the last picture of me and Mojo together. He was euthanized shortly after this shot. His tumor was huge and causing more discomfort that we could control. So on February 25th, 2009 Mojo's time on earth ended. It's hard to believe it's almost been a whole year. Fly High Superman!!

On a happier note, my great aunt, will be 97 this month. Here's a picture of her in summer 2009, at 96. She looks great!

My sister, Great Aunt Irene, and me.

Can't wait to see what the groundhog says tomorrow about our weather...


  1. Hi

    What a lovely lovely calendar and what beautiful pics of you and Mojo. Definitely "Fly High Superman"!

    And you all look great!

    Take care


  2. Happy February to you all! That's a great calendar...and a great tribute to Mojo!!

    And your great aunt looks fabulous for 96!!

  3. What a great calendar and a great tribute to Mojo.

    And wow, I would never have guessed your aunt was almost 97 - she looks great!

  4. Yes, I loved the Mojo tribute too, and way to go Auntie!

  5. Yes, I think I first came across your blog shortly after Mojo passed last year. It's wonderful to memorialize him like you did.

    Wow, your aunt certainly looks in great shape for 97! I guess that bodes well for you -- if it's all in the genes!

  6. Isn't it grand to know you have longevity in your genes???? We loved the pics. xxxxxxxx

  7. that is a lovely calendar with Mojo. Your Great Aunt looks amazing for almost 97.


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