Thursday, October 19, 2006

Security in Schedules

The boys are definitely creatures of habit. They love their routines and don't like to vary from it too much. For example, I know when my alarm goes off in the mornings, Tanner will come running in and start talking to me, so that we can play. I also know that Smokey is a bit smarter because he will run to the bathroom, where he knows I'll head first!

I do play with them in the mornings, but it is usually after I've showered and dressed...this does a lot to explain why I can't make it to work on time most mornings...Sorry boss. Mojo has usually made it to my room for the after shower playtime too...he is really getting into playing with a string. The next post I'll focus on some of their favorite games.

Devon on the other hand is hanging out with my sister. He loves to watch her put on her makeup and then he waits patiently for his eye shadow. Sometimes he lays in the floor and whimpers if she is taking too long! Then he follows her to the kitchen and whines for his butter. He loves to eat butter in the mornings, and gets upset if he doesn't get it. No matter how strong you try to be, he can typically 'guilt' you into giving him can anyone resist his face?

In the evenings, when I get home from work, we have some snuggle time. Everyone needs their kisses and a little quiet moment with mom. Then they are back to playing or sleeping or just hanging out or eating. When we are doing the dishes after dinner, they will start circling around to see if we will break down and give them canned food. This isn't an every night thing, just a couple of times a week as a special treat.

Here's Devon, Mojo, and Tanner waiting on the table for their canned food...are we having any tonight?

Smokey and Tanner enjoying some canned food

After a sufficient amount of tv, I turn everything off and head to bed. Tanner comes into the bathroom to help me get ready for bed, and also so I'll turn the faucet on for him to have a nice cool drink. Note to readers: There is a bowl of fresh water right beside the sink at all times! Then he'll run into my room and wait for me, so we can have another play session before bed. By the time I'm ready for bed, Mojo and Tanner are waiting to play, and Smokey is sitting on the nightstand waiting for me to get in the bed so he can get in his spot and read with me. Devon can either be at the foot of the bed, or in my sister's room. Or, he may still be in the den waiting for all the lights to go out so he can cry like he is lost, so I'll call for him, or better yet, go pick him up and bring him to bed. Have I mentioned that he's a nut? :)

Those are the routines they like and variations can result in any number of things, like pooping outside the box in the bathroom, getting mad and sleeping somewhere else, picking fights with the other brothers, etc... What are your routines and how do your cats react to change?

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