Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More farovite toys

Devon, although he doesn't play too often, he still has favorite activities. One of the best is riding around the neighborhood in his pet stroller. He thinks he is something else, and puffs his chest out and looks so proud! Here he is out riding... He is a bit hard to see, since he is black, but look closely, he's facing forwards...

He also likes to walk around on his harness and leash. We haven't done this as much in our current residence, but once we move we will have a good place to walk him. He'll be so happy!

He hasn't quite figured out how to climb up in trees yet, although he can climb his cat condo just fine. He'll get in this stance and then look back as if to say, 'Hey, just a little boost, if you don't mind' He probably just doesn't want to get dirt under his finger nails!

There are times that he will get into a wild mood, and go tearing through the house. He loves to spook himself, and run around with his tail puffed out. I wish I could get a good photo of the puffy tail...I'll have to work on that.

Here is a rare picture of Devon playing with...are you actual cat toy!

I'll close this post with a group shot...Devon, Mojo, and Tanner were all laying around 'helping' with dinner. I'm sure they were hoping for a little treat, but they were dissappointed...such a sad, hard life these boys lead :( Until next time...

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