Monday, January 08, 2018

Mancat Monday - Rusty Edition

I have been enjoying my two weeks off from work, but now it is time to get back into life and blogging.  Today, the mancat post will focus on Rusty.  There are lots of "firsts" when you are a baby!
Growing in his permanent teeth.  The baby canines haven't fallen out on the top yet.  It took about a week after this photo for them to be gone.  I never found them. 
Helping me do a lot of cleaning and organizing in my room.

Auntie gave Rusty a new feather toy for Christmas and he was so excited!  It is funny how cats are drawn to different toy types. 
This blue feather (more of a puff really) has been all over the house.  It also sheds, so there are blue pieces all over the house too!

Still loving his llama

Getting in the wrapping paper is fun for every cat!

Play hard - sleep hard!

We have had terribly cold weather since the start of the New Year.  It hasn't been above freezing since Dec 31st.  I think today, January 8th, we will finally get to the 40's.  This is a new record for our area.  I was definitely glad to be at home!  Rusty appreciated the warm blankets...

We got snow on day and Rusty and Flynn were fascinated...

We actually turned the gas logs on a couple of nights to warm the den up a little more.  Rusty was very curious about the fire! 
What's staying at home for if not playing on Snapchat?  

Looking a bit like a Porg from the Star Wars movie :)

Well, that's Rusty's last couple of weeks.  We hope everyone had a wonderful and restful holiday season.  We loved all the cards and emails.


  1. Rusty's had a great couple of weeks! I remember Derry losing his baby teeth, only ever found one or two, but I think they're long gone now.

    The blue puff looks like cat fun, but I do know they shed like crazy, I've had a few of them over the years (not anymore!).

    Give Rusty a smooch on his adorable pink nose. What a cutie! :-)

  2. My human says it's so much fun to watch kittens growing up!

  3. He is such a sweetie! I found most of Eric and Flynn's baby teeth. They used to chew on the edge of their cardboard toy box and I found teeth in and around it. I wish I had saved them.

  4. Rusty sure is a cutie! Those Snapchat pics made us MOL!

  5. What a cute baby! Hi guys, nice to meet you.

  6. Such cuties. We had a big stretch of cold weather too, but it got to a warm 36 today :)


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