Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mancats on Tuesday

Since yesterday was a holiday in the US, I am a day behind in posting about the mancats.  They are doing well!
Rusty, playing with the catnip bubbles...he is getting so big!  He now weighs 8 pounds.  I don't know how I always end up with the giant cats! 
Auntie keeps her bedroom door closed, because Cousins Sophie and Pirate hang out in there during the day.  They both need to gain some weight, and it is easier to have their food available if they are separated.  Plus Cousin Sophie does not like the boys at all!  The boys know there is food in there, and are ready at night when the door is opened!   
The stampede to get to the food before it is picked up for the night

Rusty loves to play and enjoys the game of pokey stick.  Oliver and Harrison also enjoy this game, and is one we can all play together. 
Proud of Oliver for accepting Rusty more and more... 
Rusty's cute profile..love his square nose/mouth/jaw

Rusty helping with the scrapbooking...Auntie was wondering how her papers got bent!  Mystery solved...


  1. The photo of them all stampeding for the food made me laugh.

  2. Ditto on that photo! We see where the boys' priorities lie. :-D

  3. So nice to see how well Rusty has settled in with the rest of the crew.

  4. Such cuties, I love the photos of them lined up outside the door.


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