Monday, January 22, 2018

Mancat Monday - Snow Edition

Here in North Carolina, we don't get a lot of snow, so it is exciting when it happens!  This past Wednesday, they were calling for 1-2 inches, but we ended up with almost 8 when it was all over!  Our State pretty much shut down!  LOL
Rusty was fascinated by this falling white stuff.  It was a really pretty snow with big fluffy flakes.

Do you see his purple and green feather/puff?  He carries it around with him everywhere!  He also has a blue one that is still on the stick that he loves as well.

We decided to let the boys look closer from the front porch...that way, they were under a cover and didn't have to get in the snow unless they wanted to.  Flynn and Georgie were the first ones out...

Oliver and Rusty were curious as well...

Flynn didn't mind getting snow on him...he loved it and went out several times throughout the day.

Rusty was very curious, but not enough to get can see the snow had just started.

As the amounts grew, it would weigh down the squirrel proof feeder and the birds couldn't eat.  Auntie and Rusty went out to knock the snow off the top.  

Rusty is holding on for dear life!

Oliver thinks he would rather watch from you see Georgie outside?  He loves the snow and enjoyed walking around in it for a few minutes.

Simply beautiful!

We still had a couple of hours to go before the snow went all day long and was so pretty and peaceful.  

What about you?  Do you like the snow?  Are you brave enough to go out and get your feet cold and wet?


  1. Eight inches is a lot, that's 20 cm. An average amount for us in one storm, but still a lot to shovel, as it typically doesn't melt. I loved your pics -- it does look pretty, but I'd rather see it in someone else's photos, not have it here. Ha. Oh, and I loved Rusty clinging on -- you can see that clearly. LOL. Both Nicki and Derry have been indoors for much of the winter, venturing out only momentarily if at all. The older they get the less they like to be out there. Derry used to go sit out in the snow, hunker down even when freezing, but he doesn't do that now. Nicki doesn't stay long, but if it's mild enough, he'll venture out to check his territory along the fence, meowing his fool head off all the time. :-P

    1. Thankfully here in the South, our snow is typically gone in a day or two. This time, snow on Wednesday, 60 degrees on Saturday!

  2. Wow, 8 inches is a lotta snow! We can understand why you would wanna go check it out. We get snow all the time so it’s no big deal to us.

  3. Wow, how fun! I don't know if we'll ever get snow here in our part southern California. It snowed once in my human's mother's lifetime, and once or twice before that in the early 20th century. It hasn't happened since my human was born. We've had mean piles of hail a couple of times, though!

  4. Did I miss somethiing Where did Georgie come from ? Is Harrison all right ? I did go back over the last few blogs. I hope everyone is all right .

    1. Everyone is fine...I usually refer to Georgie as Cousin Georgie as he is my sisters (Auntie) cat. Harrison is fine, he was just missing from the photos this week! Thanks for caring about everyone!

  5. The snow looks lovely but we don't often get any here. Eric and Flynn used to love to go out in it when they were younger on the occasions that we did get a bit.


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