Monday, January 29, 2018

Mancat Monday

The mancats are having a good time these days.  We are working to clean/disinfect/sanitize the house from the panleuk outbreak before we can safely bring in new fosters.  We have started with the kitten room, so everything has been moved out while we clean the floors and walls!
The boys love having the condos in the hall...they are more fun when they are in a new location!

Oliver wanted to show that he is still the craziest of them all...he LOVES to lick the furniture polish off when you dust!  Do any of your cats like the taste of lemon Pledge?

Here you can see the spot he left...he was going to town with his licking!

The boys all play together at night...this is a fun game of pokey stick.  Oliver looks like he is just watching, but he will join in.  The boys are doing a good job of taking turns and letting everyone have a chance.

Do your cats play together nicely or do they prefer to play alone?


  1. Lemon pledge? Seriously? Ewwww! We wouldn't know what it tastes like, though, because our human rarely dusts and then just uses a microfibre duster. :-P

    As for playing together: We wrestle together all the time, but when the human is playing with us with a stick, we take turns.

    Have a good week!

  2. We all mostly play by ourselves, although sometimes we have zoomy races in the morning! Yes, with Binga and/ or Boodie, who are 17 and 16 respectively!

  3. Lexy makes me play tag with her. But don't tell her that I actually think it's fun!

  4. the boys are very good to take turns playing.

  5. Sometimes we play together...mostly chase.

  6. Such cuties. Most of mine prefer to play alone.


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