Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday Travels - Ark Children's Home

We spent the next two mornings and afternoons at the Ark Children's Home.  This home is run by Carol and she is the most wonderful woman you will meet.  She started with 4 girls and now there are 41 children at the home.  While we were there, two more were brought in by the police.  The children come from a variety of backgrounds, but receive food and love at the Ark.

Carol - or Mama Carol as she likes to be called!
Some of the kids welcoming us to their home.

I believe this was the dogs house... 
Their water tank...

They grow their own vegetables to provide food for the kids.  One of our projects was helping them fence in a plot of land to be able to move the garden and free up this land so the kids can play.

They have about 100 chickens now that they sell for money.  They also eat a lot of the eggs and sell some of them as well. 

There is a school right down the road from the home that is also run by the Ark.  Soccer is a must!

After playing with the kids for a while, it was time to get to work.  We walked to the new plot of land to help get a fence put up.  There were several men hired as day laborers there already digging the holes for the fence posts.  I believe they were getting $4 a hole.

I didn't mention that the plot of land was down a steep and long hill.  We get down to the bottom and were told we needed to go back to the top and carry down the fence posts!  Sheila and I walked slowly and managed to only have to carry one post!

Here I am with Lucy.  She came to where we were working and I was so happy to see her again.  I first met her in 2014 on my first trip!!

We carried water to the holes so the concrete could be added.

The next day, I was in the room with food poisoning, so I missed out on the activities.  Auntie and the group helped carry more water and started putting up the chain link fence.  Later, they went back to the Ark and put together boxes for each of the children to have when they returned from school.  The boxes contained tooth brushes and tooth paste, feminine products for the older girls, deodorant, and a handmade card and laminated scripture card for each child. I know these items were appreciated!


  1. thank goodness for places like The Ark to help these children, true Angels! catchatwithcarenandcody

  2. That looks like an amazing place. Sorry you had food poisoning though.


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