Monday, August 14, 2017

Mancat Monday

The mancats have had a great week!  I took the week off from my second job, so was at home more in the evenings to play with them.
Everyone lined up waiting to play after dinner...l-r, Harrison, Flynn, Tanner and Oliver

Oliver had some Cat Scout events this week, as it was Summer Camp.  Here he is helping with one of his craft projects! 
Another project was making a Garrison Hat...Oliver was a good model for me and earned full points for his project! 
The panthers all helping me get ready for bed.  They rotate in and out during the night.

It was a lazy weekend so the boys took full advantage...Here is Flynn resting




Flynn had a recheck this morning at the vet.  The lump is gone and his eyes look good.  He acted painful again when palpated and having his lower spine pressed, so he stays on the Dasuquin for a few more weeks.  The vet mentioned maybe doing laser therapy on him or acupunture before this becomes a chronic issue.  We will look into it.  He's only one year old, I hate to thing that he could have a painful condition his whole life!  He is a big goof and tears around the house like a wild wonder he has hurt himself!


  1. I can tell the boys loved having the extra time with you. I'm sending purrs to Flynn - I really hope this condition clears up with the Dasuquin.

  2. Looks like everybuddy had a great weekend.

    Ernie had acupuncture and laser therapy on his back and it really helped. If you can find someone who does it, we would recommend it.

  3. Looks like everyone had a great week! That seemed like a bit of a brotherly smacky-paw stand off, at the foot of the bed. :-D

    Purrs to Flynn, we're glad he's doing better. Don't think there's any vet here that does acupuncture (don't know for sure, though), so if there's something non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive that would help, we hope you'll be able to try it.

  4. hoping the meds help Flynn but am happy you all had a great week! Love that hat on Oliver! catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. Oliver, you did fantastic at Summer Camp. I was so proud of you I darned near busted my buttons.


  6. Poor Flynn, I hope he feels better soon. Great job on the hat Oliver! That was hard to make :)


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