Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner had a nice day yesterday.  He went for a quick trip to his regular vet for bloodwork and then right back home!  I received a call in the afternoon that his counts were fine to receive his chemo pills at home.  The ice cream trick still worked, one pill, then a small bite of ice cream, then another pill, etc...He wants to walk away after getting his pill, but then the spoonful of ice cream brings him back.  The boy loves sweets and just cannot resist!
Tanner loves popcorn too, especially cheddar popcorn.  I love the Chicago Mix, which contains both cheddar and caramel.  Tanner always comes over to help me with my snack!  He will be your best friend as long as you are holding a plate or bowl of food! 
Tan has also been helping with wrapping the Christmas presents.  Santa has gone a little crazy with stuff for this boy, but some years you just need to be spoiled!  He is such a good sport about most everything. 
He has also been asking to play a lot more than in the past few months.  Over the weekend, he asked me to play...I said, 'Show me, what do you want to do?'  He escorted me to the kitten room where the tunnel and most toys are located.  He hasn't done that in a while.  I selected a favorite string toy, and he even ran through the tunnel a few times!  I loved his energy level, and his playfullness!
One more stay at the vet school before Christmas and then we will be done for the year.  We are all looking forward to the holiday break and being home together!


  1. Guess Mary Poppins was right - a spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down!
    Good to see you looking so well, Tanner. Hang in there, we're purring for you.

  2. I'm so glad Tanner's spirits are so good! It's nice that he is so happy and playful!

  3. Tanner, you're such an amazingly good mancat. Continued purrs and purrayers; we bet you're looking forward to your break!

  4. dood...mor grate mews for ewe...YAY ....N more blessings frum R pal frank for ewe az well...N say, haz ya ever tried....donuts !!!! YUM !! ♥♥♥

  5. Tanner is such a dear! It is good that he feels so well that he wants to play. Continued purrs to him.

  6. We'd take those pills too if it meant getting ice cream! We're glad Tanner continues to do well.

  7. That is great to hear. We are so glad Tanner is doing so well!

  8. ooops...N bee for we for getz ...we wanted ta say:

    hope yur christmas tree.....
    ree manez burd free.....

    sendin R card.....
    ee lect tron ick lee.....

    a verree merree Christmas.....
    a happee mew yeer two .....

    frum all oh uz in trout towne.....
    we loves ewe XXXXX

  9. Heartwarming Tanner news :) So happy to hear that he is having so much fun this Christmas season! Looking quite adorable Mr. Tanner :)
    Marty's Mom

  10. Nice meeting you, Mr Tanner! You do us proud by being man enough to pretend to like to have ice cream while downing those pills ;p xoxo Agent S and L


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