Monday, December 08, 2014

Mancats Open Secret Santa

Our Secret Santa package arrived on Friday, and instead of waiting until Christmas, we went ahead and opened it!  We were excited to find that our package came from....Frostin's Chronicles - Munchkin, Ashlyn and Cosette!
Tanner and Cousin Georgie check out the box... 
Oliver came over to see as well...what's in here? 
Tanner was very excited to help this year...just look at all those goodies! 
Tanner jumped right in the box...I think he could smell some yummy catnip! 
I'll just take a quick rest here, if you don't mind... 
Orange and Green crinkle balls!  These were a big hit! 
A new jumping string!  We will make good use of this...we love to jump and play! 
Tanner was right...there were TWO wonderfully strong catnip toys in the box!
Oliver posing with the loot...we are some lucky kitties this year! 
Even the mom got a couple of really cute ornaments for the tree!  Thank you Frostin's Chronicles for our wonderful package!


  1. wow - we bet you all have a blast with those toys!!

  2. Congratulations on a fabulous gift package! We're sure that everyone will have a lot of fun with all those toys!

  3. What nice gifts - you kitties are so lucky! The Frostin's Chronicles kitties really know how to pick out presents!

  4. Concatulations ! Very nice gifts ! Purrs

  5. whoa...way awesum gifts ewe guys getted...enjoy...we noe ewe will !!! ♥♥♥

  6. What a splendid box of goodies you all got! But isn't it a little early to be opening presents? MOL.

  7. That is a great Secret Paws package. Lots for everyone.

  8. What a great Santa Paws box!!! You all got lots of fantastic gifts :)

  9. What an awesome Secret Paws package you got! We see lots of fun in your future.

  10. We're so happy that you enjoyed our gifts! Bob says if the nip pillows loose there potency to just nuke them for 10 to 15 seconds and they will be ready to go again.


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