Monday, December 15, 2014

Mancats Remember Devon

Today is two years since Devon ran off to the bridge.  He is still missed today, although we see a lot of him in Oliver!
This is a typical Devon photo...I'm cool, and I know it! 
Every now and then, he would let his guard down and do something "cat like"  *gasp*  He did not think he was a cat, and this was so beneath him :)
Devon, you were a good baby, and you are missed every day.  You loved to help make the canned food by licking the empty cans.  You loved to lick the butter.  I will say that I have enjoyed not cleaning your 'dancing' in the litter box :)  I wonder how many more ways you would have found to "not" be on the island in the kitchen?  I miss trying to guess why you have puffed your tail out and are running around the house like a mad man!  I miss the ever-so-infrequent times that you would lay beside me on the couch, and put your paw on my leg.  It made it all the more special because it was rare.  I know you are enjoying life at the bridge and I can't wait to see you again one day!


  1. We're sending you soft purrs and hugs on this sad anniversary.


  2. Purrs, hugs and love from all of us.

  3. Purrs to you today. My human says the missing never completely goes away.

  4. Purrs to you as you remember Devon today. Gone but not forgotten...and always loved.

  5. sending you (((hugs)))) at this difficult time, we always love when people share stories and photos of the kitties who have come before.

  6. Sending you purrs as you remember Devon this week. Wonderful memories :)


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