Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner is having a rest week this week.  He had a quick blood draw yesterday just to make sure everything still looks good, and it does.  He has now completed two rounds of his protocol.  We will redo the ultrasound next week, and hopefully start round three...all dependant on the results of the ultrasound, of course.
Tanner got a few new toys for doing so well...a new catnip heart, and a couple of his favorite crinkle balls...a big one and a small one. 
Cousin Georgie is wondering where his toys are, and maybe he will just help Tanner!  This area is a favorite spot for everyone.  Mom re-finished this chest for us, and it is a perfect fit under the window in the living room.  There is a bird feeder right outside, so lots of activity for the boys to watch.
Tanner's bed is from Coccolino Creations on Etsy.  Coccolino also has a blog, and you can read about him here...My Mini Pet Pig.


  1. Paws up on passing the blood test, Tanner! I hope everything else goes well for you too.

  2. Go Tanner!!! We're glad your blood test as good!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. We're glad you're doing so well, Tanner! And cool that you got a Coccolino Creations bed! Isn't it great?!?

  4. YAY !!! happee yur ree sults R good tanner... tho a werd may bee two ewe N georgie....

    due KNOT watch BURDZ...they iz rood, stooooopid, bug infested caca droppin flyin things that knead...

    sorree ....we hada burd moe mint ther

  5. We're glad your blood test was good, Tanner ! Purrs

  6. Sending purrs for continual good news on all of your tests

  7. Tanner it is so exciting to read about your continued positive progress! Looks like you are loving the new toys! Did you ever share with Cousin Georgie?


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