Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner spent yesterday at the vet school.  It is the start of round three of his chemo protocol, and that means it was ultrasound day.  Even though Tanner's belly had just a small amount of peach fuzz, he was still shaved again.  I'm thinking someone needed to practice :)  The preliminary results show that he had
-Improved renal appearance (still abnormal)
-no new lesions concerning for lymphoma
Remission Status remains: STRONG PARTIAL REMISSION
He was given his vincristine injection along with some zofran.  We came home with the chemo pills for next week, but will need a quick blood test before we give them.
While hanging out at the vet school, he ate his can of food that I sent with him.  I always try to send a special flavor for him, and I'm glad to know that he isn't too stressed to not eat!
We are now to the point of reducing the prednisolone again.  Tanner will take a pill every other day.  We have gone from twice a day, to once a day, to now, every other day...progress!
He is on week 9 of a 27 week protocol, and doing well.  Thanks for all the continuing purrs...they are working!


  1. Sending purrs for your sweet boy. Sounds like a good report, all things considered.


  2. We are sending lots and lots of purrrs your way. We will watch your progress...

    hugs, Bugsy, Knuckles and HH

  3. I'm glad there is so much good progress for Tanner! I'm continuing to send purrs.

  4. That's wonderful. We are so glad that Tanner is doing so well with this! Progress is a very good thing. :)

  5. dood...glad yur doin better N even mor better...will ask R pal Frank ta keep sendin blessings yur way; ya can never haz enuff oh em !! ♥

  6. I am glad you are doing well with your treatment Tanner.

  7. Such a handsome boy. We're still purring for you Tanner. We know you can beat this Cancer thingy. Keep up the good work.

  8. We're so happy Tanner continues to do well. Keep it up, Tanner!

  9. Positive progress every time :) We continue to send healing purrs and Mom prays every night for Tanner!
    Luvs Marty

  10. We're glad you're doing well with your treatment Tanner ! We keep purring for you ! Purrs


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