Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner continues to do well with his treatments.  Yesterday was Doxorubicin, which is the third chemo drug in his protocol.
Over the weekend, we had some beautiful weather here in North Carolina.  We took advantage of it and let the big cats have a little outdoor time.  The babies still can't be trusted to not be wild (not sure they ever will), so they stayed inside.  We did open the windows and bring in fresh catnip, so don't feel too bad for them!
Tanner enjoying a stroll in the yard...heading towards the garden with the catnip!
 Score!  Tanner found the catnip...he had to fight with the tomatoes for a prime spot though.  The garden has gotten a touch out of control! 
Tanner and Pirate having a meeting under the tree.  They are not allowed to go past this tree when we are out...So far, no one knows how to climb the tree either...do your cats know how to climb a tree?
Tanner spots the babies in the window...hey guys!  The babies would go from window to window watching the bigs!
Today is Cousin Georgie's 1st birthday!  Happy Birthday Georgie!!


  1. We're so happy Tanner is doing so well! Happy Birthday Georgie!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. I'm glad Tanner is doing well, and got some quality outside time!

  3. guys...we iz knot a loud out side sew noe treez for uz...glad ya getted ta enjoy sum nip tanner anda happee day ta yur cuzin georgie...heerez two a yeer filled with happee nezz & health ♫♫♫..oh, N eat lotz oh cake !!

  4. I am glad Tanner is doing so well. I used to love climbing trees and go right to the top of the big old oak tree and worry mum. I haven't climbed it since Eric left though. We used to climb it together.

  5. We're glad Tanner continues to do well. How nice that he got to go out and enjoy some fresh air. Happy Birthday to cousin Georgie!

  6. Tanner you are looking good :) Happy Birthday Cousin Georgie! Marty climbs the big tree here, he just isn't good at getting back down :) Sadly Ralphie had his front claws removed so he can't climb (not my doing grrrrr) but he loves to climb the carpeted pole in the basement.
    Marty's Mom

  7. It makes us so happy that Tanner is doing well with his treatments! Happy birthday to Georgie!

  8. We're glad Tanner is doing well ! And Happy Birthday to Cousin Georgie ! Purrs


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