Thursday, December 19, 2013

All about Ollie

Ollie hasn't had a post about just him in a while, so here goes...
 Here's the first picture I was sent from the home that rescued him from the shelter...look at that milk crusted face and neck! He lived with this angel for three days.
This is the photo from the shelter that won my heart...this baby needed me!
 Here he is now...3 months old and thriving!!  Ollie is learning about the finer things in life, as well as all the rules that go with living in a house.
1) Don't sharpen your claws on anything other than the cat furniture (he does very well with this)
2) The bathroom/litter box room is a business room, not a party room.  We don't bother others when they are in there!
3) Don't attack the older black cat
4) Don't rip/shred pages from books on the table or magazines
5) Don't get in the litter box when you have wet feet from playing in the tub
6) Wet feet are slick feet, so you need to be careful when jumping and running
7) Don't swing on the shower curtain
8) Don't chew on any type of cord (power, blinds, etc...)
9) Don't eat random things off the floor
10) If your brothers or cousins are squealing, you are biting too hard!
 Ollie has discovered the purple puff...I find him laying in it pretty frequently, even during the night.  You can see from this photo, and the next, that he is almost lost all the stripes he had, and has gone mostly solid black.
He is long and lanky and loves to contort him self...notice his back feet touching the top of his head!  He is a love bug, when he can slow down enough to rest.  He has discovered a few new toys, and I am going to try to get some video of him playing and jumping because he is crazy wild!
Medically, he has had two FVRCP's now.  Will get his third one and rabies in January, and be neutered and micro chipped early February.  We will also re-run his FeLV/FIV test just to make sure all is still negative.


  1. That shelter photo would have melted our human's heart too. He's thriving, so happy, in your care. We're thrilled he has such a wonderful forever home. :-)

  2. Your new little man is so cute.

    My first cat was an all black Siamese. His Mom was a Sealpoint Siamese and she taught him to talk. He was my first love. My heart. I have always had a black cat. No one has talked as much as he did though.

    Enjoy your Holidays,


  3. Oh Ollie, you're so cute ! You've already learned a lot of behavior lessons ! Purrs

  4. It's been so long since I've been a kitten, I've forgotten how many rules there were! (And I don't think Binga ever totally learned all of them.) Ollie is so cute - I do want to see more of him!

  5. he has come a long way!! what a cute...we love him in that purple puff :)

  6. Ollie, it's tough being the little guy in a house with big cats. But it sounds like they are showing you the ropes. You're growing into such a cutie!

  7. He is a beautiful young mancat. Look how much he has grown in such a short time!


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