Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toysday Tuesday

Today, Tanner will show off his favorite toy...
 Sitting politely by my favorite stick, asking nicely to play...
 The toy has long been ripped off this string, but I like the string the best without the dangling toy attached...
Here I demonstrate the complicated move called 'pulling the snake's head off'! 

Thanks for the great play time...what are your favorite toys?


  1. Nice toy... yeh ,what is mine speciaal toy.. little white mousses (no, no ,not the real living one..)

  2. MOL...last photo of you crack me up !

  3. I have a stick toy that the Mommies say is in a "sad" state. It's here with me... whatever...

    It used to be full of feathers on a rope. Now it's a fun rope with a few splashes of color!

    Also one of my first stick toys had a pretty purple furry caterpillar attached. The stick broke but the Mommies let me keep the pretty purple thing - we now call it my Boa. I love my boa! I carry it around with me sometimes to play with it in various places.

    I also like my spikey balls that the Mommies got for me - they were in the toy section of Halloween favors. I carry them around too! They are pawsome-awesome!

    Hmmm... I should have Mommi take pix so I can post these favorites -- great idea!

    Lovely maneuver by the way!

    ~Brooch Czarina

  4. We love that last pic! This is my favorite game, too. Who needs a toy at the end when you have a great string?

  5. My favorite toy is a Squirmle, which technically isn't a cat toy - but it should be!

  6. That's a fun toy, Tanner! Our favorite toys are string toys too...and anything with nip in it!!

  7. I like all toys but my favourite is my caterpillar. - Flynn.
    I had a ratty when I was a baby kitty and it is the only toy I played with a lot. I still have him and he is called Scruffy Rat aka Fred Bare - Eric.


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