Monday, February 25, 2013

Mancat Monday

The mancats were blessed with a new scratcher from one of mom's co-workers.  It is the emory board scratcher and is supposed to help file the nails while the cats scratch...we'll see :)
 Tanner came right over to check out the new toy...
 He decided he liked his old broken X better...
 Auntie started playing Tanner's favorite game called Pokey Stick under the new scratcher and he came back over to check it out again...
Smokey gave it a slight tap tap to make sure it was safe for everyone...he did not try scratching on it though...

After a while everyone did scratch on it and they seem to enjoy it now....have you tried this new scratcher?  Do you take right to toys or does it take a while to get used to them?

We'd also like to let our boy Mojo know we are thinking about him today at the bridge.  Today it has been 4 years since you left us, and 8 years since you came to live with us...We had you for four short years, but you left an impression on our hearts.  Fly High Superman!


  1. Let us know if that scratcher works for the claws. Our human had read mixed reviews when it first came out (even to some cats pulling claws out on them), so has been hesitant to buy one. She'd love it, though, if it worked--much easier than trying to persuade us to hold still while having claws clipped!

    Thinking of you today as you remember Mojo...It doesn't matter how much time they're with us, or how much time passes. (((Hugs)))

  2. We always give it a day or two before deciding if we like a new toy or not. Sometimes the mom rubs catnip on them to get us to play with them. We hope your new scratcher gets lots of use.

    And purrs to you as you remember Mojo on this day....

  3. Boodie could use an emery board scratcher - her claws grow fast and SHARP!

    Purrs to you today - the missing part never totally goes away...

  4. We'd also be interested to know if the new scratcher "works" as advertised--or at least Mommy is! We take to new things right away.

    ::bows heads for Mojo::

  5. Awww Tanner and Smokey!! Hopefully you'll both get used to your new scratcher soon! Yay!

    Awww angel Mojo! Such a handsome boy! Take care

  6. That is a smart looking scratcher. We always play with anything new right away.
    Purrs to you as you remember Mojo.

  7. We too, are interested to find out how the new scratcher works out!

    Purrs to you today as you remember Mojo. xoxo


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