Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two on Tuesday

Last Saturday we woke to this....SNOW!!  We live in the South and don't get snow too often.  The day before it had been in the 60's...so nothing was going to stick.
 It snowed all day but did not amount to anything on the ground...but it was pretty to watch!
 Smokey and Tanner sat in the breakfast nook and watched the snow some...they also showed each other some brotherly love...
Tanner tried to wash Smokey's head, but Smokey wasn't too sure about that.  Smokey has always been more on the 'giving' end of the head wash than the 'receiving' end.

Do you like to wash another cat in your household or do you prefer to be washed?


  1. We both like to wash each other's head, but it usually leads to a wrassle.

  2. Awww !!! So cute ! Tanner...I would love you to bath me ...I'm pretty lazy..tee..heh

  3. Binga grooms Boodie a lot... but it is almost always a prelude to a rumble!

  4. Yes, snow is really pretty. We have so little of it in Arizona that our cats don't seem to know what to make of it - they always look puzzled. And we are going to have more tonight - yikes.

    You both look so cute in the photos!!!

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  5. Wally is the washing machine around here. He's constantly licking my head. I'm lucky I have any fur left on it.


  6. Moosey and Sammy pretty much wash themselves -- no brotherly helping with that!


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