Monday, January 07, 2013

Mancat Monday

The mancats are probably glad that I am back at work today...their sleep and routines were interrupted for two weeks!  By the end of last week, I was getting some dirty looks from the boys :)
 Tanner enjoyed extra time looking at the windows at all the birds that were flying around...I laughed when I saw the way he was sitting in the chair!  Silly boy...
This is one of the birds that visited the house...he's a hawk.  He did not get lunch that day from the feeders, but he scared everyone away for a while...

The mancats were glad to be inside when he was around...he might would carry someone off!  Mancats like birds but not vicious ones!


  1. Our poodle kids miss their "dad" after he was home for holiday vacation. Monday they all kept an eye on door to garage waiting for him to be back.
    Lovely prey bird. Looks like a Coopers Hawk, aka Chicken Hawk.

  2. Once a hawk got itself stuck in our enclosed patio (the should-be catio) and couldn't find its way out! My human had to throw a towel over it and release it herself. That Bird TV was almost TOO close for comfort!

  3. That looks like some very interesting Bird TV.

  4. Wow, and we thought we had some pretty good Bird TV. You beat us!!


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