Monday, January 14, 2013

Mancat Monday

Smokey has taken over this nest on the's a super soft down throw and he loves it!
 Most of the time he just sleeps in it, but it is a good spot for washing too...
 A mancat must keep certain areas clean if they want to impress the ladies...careful not to wash those legs too much, or your wash the hair right off...Smokey has regrown all of his leg hair, and most of his belly hair!
 Realizes he was being watched!  Mancats do not get a lot of privacy at our house...
Another nap is in order now...what a wonderful nest!


  1. That does indeed look like a cozy spot for napping and washing! Happy Monday, furriends.

    Pee Ess - Mommy just loves that little black leg stuck out there for washing. Very enticing!

  2. Sweet Smokey!!! You are too cute to not be watched as you bathe! LOL! Hope you have a nice nap now! take care

  3. We kitties get NO privacy ever! Right, Smokey?

  4. That does look like a nice comfy place for a bath Smokey.

  5. Smokey found the best spot in the house for napping and bathing!

  6. Great bath spot Smokey! Cozy and functional!

    ~Brooch Czarina

  7. You've been given an award!

  8. Great nest, Smokey, and fantastic job cleaning up, pal! :)


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