Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two on Tuesday

Today for Two on Tuesday we have two photos each of two cats and two topics to cover :)
 Cousin Sophie and Tanner laying in Aunties bed...we have seen a shift in which cats are hanging out together since Devon's passing.  Cousin Sophie took things the hardest, as Devon was her best friend.  She has finally gotten back into running around the house like a mad woman!  I'm glad to see Tanner trying to fill the hole that Devon left for Sophie.
Smokey and Cousin Pirate in my bed...yes, that is where Smokey sleeps at night, and I have but the tiniest bit of pillow for myself :)  Pirate is a bit crazy...he acts like he is afraid of me, and will run when I walk near him...but I find him in my room a lot during the day.  So strange. 

Smokey update:  Yesterday's visit went very well.  The vet was pleased with how he looked.  We have our game plan for the year and we are to return in one year. 


  1. Looks very comfy in the beds <3
    The cat that lived her before also took my mom-persons pillow efurry night :)
    Glad to hear that the vet-check went well for Smokey !

  2. I'm glad Smokey's visit went well. It is hard on us kitties when we lose a family member... sometimes harder than humans realize.

  3. Awww sweet Cousin Sophie is missing angel Devon!! We're glad handsome Tanner is there to comfort her!

    Yay for Smokey! take care

  4. We're glad to hear everybuddy is adjusting to the loss of Devon. It's hard...

    We're happy to hear Smokey's vet appt went well!

  5. Smokey ! That's where I sleep too ! On mommy's pillow..tee..heh..heh

  6. I sleep on my mum's pillow too with my paw on dad's head.


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