Sunday, December 30, 2012

More Christmas

It's been two weeks since Devon left us, and we are creating a new normal at home.  Tanner and Smokey have been super snuggly lately and seem to follow me around more than normal.  It is nice to have them around.  Christmas was a nice break, as Auntie and I went to our parents for a couple of days, and then they came to our house for a couple of days.  We enjoyed our time together...The boys have had some special treats as well...let's take a look...
Tanner enjoyed a plate of Christmas sardines...Smokey came over later and had some too, but he seems to be more of a tuna fan...I'll try to keep that in mind for next year :)
Smokey has loved the down throws on the couch...he has a nice warm nest and spends his day snuggled down in it...
Here is the tree in the living room...and yes, I should have taken the clothes racks down first!  Smokey is laying on the back of the you see him?
This is the tree in the study, which is at the front of the house...
The black tree is in the dining room, and here you can see it and the tree in the living room...
This is Devon's new ornament this year.  We picked it up at the beach this year.  It was chosen because first of all it was blue, which is Devon's color, and secondly because Devon loves fish :)
This one is a bit harder to see, but it is our family ornament this is a snowwoman, holding three snow babies (they are in the colors of my boys) and then dangling from it are rings in colors of all 4 of my boys.
This is Tanner's new ornament because he still has a major sweet tooth and it was green!
Smokey got a new goose ornament...would have been more perfect if it had been purple...
I got several of these festive ornaments because they are easy to just poke into the tree, and also because they are in the colors of my, purple, green, and blue.
Well, there you have is continuing and we are moving along with it.  Very thankful for pictures and that I have another week off work next week to spend with my boys.  I'm sure they will be ready for me to go back to work on the 7th! 


  1. What beautiful trees....and we loved seeing the ornaments! We know it's hard adjusting to the loss of Devon, but we're glad to hear you're finding a new normal and doing okay.

  2. Such beautiful photos and we hope your 2013 is fantastic!

  3. Lovely lovely photo's. Glad you are finding your own normal.. Hugs GJ xx

  4. You have THREE trees?! Wow! And they are all so lovely! It looks like you had a peaceful Christmas - enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  5. The trees were all so lovely and the sparkle and glow was so magical. We know how hard it is to miss a beloved furry especially at Christmas.

  6. We love the idea that each kitty has a color. Purrs to you all finding your new way without Devon, but of course as long as you think of him, he's still there.

  7. Wow, THREE trees! And they're all beautiful. We're glad to hear that you're finding a new normal. It's hard to miss loved ones at the holidays. Many purrs.

  8. We're very sorry you're missing Devon. A new normal is good, but we know it's hard too. Your Christmas tree and photos are just beautiful.

    Happy New Year from Katie, Glogirly & Waffles TOO!

  9. We're so sorry that you're missing your sweet Devon, but are glad you're all settling into your new normal. It looks like you had a beautiful Christmas (3 trees ... Me-WOW!).

    Wishes for a new year filled with much peace, love and happiness.

  10. Those trees are stunning. Our human took ours down on the 28th, having had it up more than month. :-)

    Anyway, we stopped by to wish you a happy new year, and hope 2013 brings love, laughter, good health and prosperity!

    Purrs and peace.


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