Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Garden

 This is the tree in the living room...where we all spend most of our time.  Our Chalet is tucked next to it, and we love to lay on the presents underneath the tree.  Some of the packages are quite squishy, like a blanket or something...
 This is the tree in the study...Smokey's tent is behind here...he enjoys laying  in the forest. 
 In the Christmas Garden, you'll find many this orange cat...looks a bit like Tanner!
 Black cats...this one is round on the bottom, sort of like Devon.
 Crabs...our mom loves blue crabs and can't get enough of them when she's at the coast!
 Pretty red birds...
 Even some birds wearing sweaters!
 A long skinny black cat...this could be Smokey
 Tanner's weight loss inspiration...a skinny orange cat :)  Maybe we'll attach him to the cabinet in front of his food bowls for the new year!
And finally a peacock showing off her feathers in green, blue and purple...

We hope you enjoyed a look at the Christmas Garden this year...


  1. Your trees and ornaments are stunning, absolutely gorgeous! We loved seeing them!

  2. So purrty! We could steal, uh, we mean, play with lots of ornaments on your trees!

    Luf, Us

  3. Oh you have the bestest chrismassy trees ever!! They are too adorable and a great place to snooze under!! Yay!! Take care

  4. Beautiful! And lucky kitties, you get TWO trees!

  5. you got 2 beautiful xmas tree :)
    we love it

    BoBo Salem
    Meow Meow Family

  6. Your trees are beautiful! And we really like those ornaments!! You're lucky you have 2 big trees. We only have 1 big one and a small one in our family room.

  7. You guys have TWO trees?! Lucky!!! And such cool ornaments too.

  8. Your Christmas Tree looks so Beautiful !!!!! But I wonder did you guys chew the birdy ornament ? look tasty to me...tee..heh..heh

    PS : Thanks so much to purrs for me

  9. Just wanted to thank you for *both* Christmas cards, they arrived in yesterday's mail. The mom's scanning them in will add them to our blog today.

    Much love and Light to you all, and hugs to mom Suzanne for being so kind.

  10. We sure do love your tree ... so pretty! And your chalet looks purrfect right next to it (that's where OURS is, too). :)

    Happy holidays, dear friends.

  11. Your tree is so pretty and we love all the "wildlife" ... Merry Christmas to all!

  12. Wow, your trees look great and you have so many awesome toys, er I mean ornaments!

  13. Happy New Year! Hope 2012 will be a great one for everybody.



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