Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Secret Paws

Our Secret Paws package arrived while mom was in Japan.  We bugged her the minute she arrived home to open it...she caved in and we opened it yesterday!  We were all excited to see who sent our gift to was Laila and Minchie!!  

 Tanner was most excited about the nip nanner!  He loved to lick it all over...
 The fevver balls were a hit too...they really fly across the room!
 Devon loved the nip nanner too when he got a turn...

 Cousin Sophie loved the treats and the mice...
 Tanner took a nap with his fevver ball...
 Devon tried to squeeze into the box...he was too big.
 Smokey chowed down on the treats...Beachside Crunch is his favorite!
 Hey, I'm all out over here...I need some more please...
I'll get in this box if it's the last thing I do...

Thanks Laila and Minchie...we love all our gifts!!


  1. That is a great package from Laila and Minchie. Treats fevvers and a nippy nanner, wonderful!

  2. That was some great stuff in that box from Laila and Minchie !
    I understand totally why you bugged your mom about open it quikly :)

  3. Oh wow!! Welcome back mum!! And what a great surprise for all of you! Yay!! Enjoy all your treats and toys lovely Devon, Smokey, Tanner and cousin Sophie! Take care

  4. What a great package! It's kind of nice to get something like that after Christmas--extends the "holiday" feeling and excitement.

    Happy new year to you all, nice to see you back!

  5. Now that's what I call a SP!


  6. great gifts and you know that the nanner is ALWAYS a winner!

  7. Those were great secret paw gifts!

  8. You got some excellent treats and toys. Have fun!

  9. What an excellent Secret Paws package! We 'specially like that nip nanner!!

  10. What a great package! We are definitely pawticipating in Secret Paws next year!

  11. Welcome back! We're glad you liked all of our gifts. It was so much fun getting it all together! Happy New Year!

  12. That is a great package of presents! We sure love those nip nanners. :)


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