Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Two on Tuesday

The first two shots are Devon and Smokey...Auntie put this blanket in the bed that stays on the ottoman, and the boys loved it!  Smokey was in it, and when he left, Devon took over.  Devon enjoys being covered up, so Auntie laid some blanket over him.  Smokey went over and laid on top of Devon! 
 Smokey is not one to go and lay with someone else...so this was a special moment!  I am not sure he realized Devon was there :)
 Devon is like, get off me man!
Tanner was enjoying the action and a nice snuggle with mom.  Mom is trying to get in extra snuggles this week because on Friday, she leaves for Japan for 18 days...returning on January 3rd.  We may not be blogging much during that time, unless she can get some stuff scheduled.


  1. Awww beautiful Smokey! You are so funny! Aww but lovely Devon makes a comfy bed! LOL! Aww adorable Tanner - me and Charlie hope you and Smokey and Devon get lots of extra cuddle time from mum! We wish her a safe and happy journey!! Take care

  2. Good luck to your mom and we wish her a safe trip!

    As for you guys, enjoy your blankets and snuggle time!

  3. Tell your Mom to be careful and get home safely, there are snuggles waiting!

  4. Hope your mom will bring back a lot of Sushi for you :)
    Wish your mommie a safe and nice trip !!

  5. We sure hope your mom has fun in Japan! We are glad you're giving her extra snuggles for while she's away.

  6. WE hope your Mom enjoys her trip to Japan. How exciting!

  7. We hopes your Mom has a safe trip to and from Japan. We knows you kittehz will miss her alot. xoxo

  8. Make sure your mom gets lots of snuggles! Too bad she can't take you with her!!

  9. You guys are being abandoned for Christmas?! AND New Year's Eve? Sounds like a great opportunity for a house trashing party!!!


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