Thursday, December 01, 2011

Thursday in the Garden

Today we are back in the garden...this time at mom and Auntie's family home...enjoy!

 Thanksgiving day was beautiful in the foothills of North Carolina.  The ground was covered in leaves and pecans!  Auntie is driving the tractor over to one of the trees to give it a good shake.
 Before the shaking begins though, the leaves need to be raked and the pecans on the ground already picked up.  Mom and Aunties parents, L and M, are working hard...
 This is one of their dogs...Samson. He is a treeing feist.
 L is shaking the tree would not believe how many pecans fell off!  They were everywhere!
 In the end, we had 5, 5 gallon buckets full of pecans....and more trees to collect from.  Thankfully the sun was going down, so we didn't have to pick up any more :)
 Here's Auntie raking more leaves...
 L is picking them up to put on the truck...he's going to take them to the blueberry bushes as compost.
Just a cute shot of a calf with it's mom...aaaawwwww.

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  1. Oh wow!! Fresh pecans from the pecan tree!! I've never seen a pecan tree nor how the pecans are harvested! How brilliant!! Yay for adorable Samson and mama Cow and Baby!

    Take care

  2. Squee fur the baby calf! Fresh pecans are alot of work! Beautiful day fur it, though. Purrs.

  3. Our mama sez if she had a Lear jet she'd be over there helping pick up those Pecans - but she's nuts anyway. Rappy, Jetikins and Calli from Yorkshire

  4. Wow! Can you eat those pecans?? Our mom likes pecans and she heard that because of all the bad weather in the south, the pecan crop really suffered and the price of pecans is gonna skyrocket!!

  5. That is a lot of pecans. Our mum would come over and help eat them.

  6. wow are you lucky to have those trees! Pecans are so expensive at the grocery store in Michigan that it is unreal!

    You can make some great pies with those! Are you gonna make some and share it with us? (hint, hint lol)

  7. What a lovely way to spend the holiday. we had a nice day here too.


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