Monday, January 03, 2011

Mancats are Tired

Although our mom has been home all week for Christmas and New Year, she has been slack about getting online and blogging for us. She did follow us around with the flashy box though. The first few days of her being home was quite nice...she sat and snuggled with us whenever we wanted. She offered us lots of treats and special goodies. She let us outside some when the snow melted and the temps rose. But there is only so much a mancat can stand to be bothered before he is tired!
Cousins in Aunties bed getting a good nap in...
Tanner found a nice spot near the window for a nap...
Devon and Smokey in loving their new flannel sheets Santa brought them.

We will try to get mom to blog more routinely in the new year...that will be one of our resolutions!

We also want to wish Judi, who is Sammy and Andy's mom, a very special birthday!!


  1. sounds like you had a nice holiday. happy monday!

  2. Yay for your mum getting gorgeous pics of you all!!! Me and Charlie hope you have lovely naps on your new bedding and nap spots!!

    Happy birthday to Sammy and Andy's mum Judi!!
    Take care

  3. It does sound like a good holiday! Happy new year to you all!

    We didn't blog much over the holidays; the mom said she needed a break.

    Slacker human.

  4. You all look so cozy! Your Mom makes great blanket nests for y'all. Happy New Year!

  5. I can't believe your human slacked off like that - like, what else was there for her to do? Humans!!

  6. Ah yes, so many good times and great food over the holidays makes a kitty want to nap! PURRhaps you can all snuggle down together and share the warmth.

  7. I couldn't believe I see this...all blankies been fold like a cushion every where, So many options for nap ! Seems like you guys trained your human so well !


    PS : See you at the party : )

  8. Seeing all of you in the blankets has made us very sleepppyyyy....zzzzzzzzz....

  9. You all look so nice and snuggly comfy on your blankets.

  10. Oh you all look so comfy cozy!



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