Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tasty Trio Tuesday

The boys enjoyed a tasty dinner of Sardines one night. I have had trouble finding them packed in water lately at the grocery, but finally saw them the other day.
Boneless and skinless are the best! And now with an easy open tab :)
The boys really enjoyed them...I was surprised Devon ate, since he can be a bit picky with canned type food, preferring his dry. I suppose it was because they were 'imported' that he felt they were elegant enough for his sophisticated pallet.
Do you get any kind of special treats for the holidays?


  1. Wow we have never had sardines before! That is a cool package too - very retro!

    We do get special stuff - usually either ham or turkey depending on what the humans have for their dinner!

  2. We got TUNA! Daddy opened up two cans for all of us. Sardines look nommy, we are gonna have to agitate for some.

  3. Charlie got his favourite dry treats!!

    Yay that your adorable boys loved their sardines in water - boneless and skinless too! Now that's a real treat!!

    Take care

  4. I got my fine mince meat ( for cat )...oh..when think about it......so delicious !

    PS : Your plates look cool ! I wish one day I can see the details : )

  5. Everyone loves Sardines!!!

  6. Mmmmmm...sardines! We can almost smell them!!!

    We got some ham for Christmas...that was our special treat.

  7. That looks tasty. Mum cooked us cod steaks because that is our most favourite thing of all.

  8. Hey, those do look quite tasty! Do they taste like chicken??? MOL

  9. Sardines...I actually never thought of that for our kitties. They love tuna..so that is a good hint that they would also enjoy these tasty little snacks.

  10. We didn't get any sardines, imported or not. We'll have to make Jan read this. Maybe she'll take a hint.

    Happy 2011.

  11. Happy New Year

    The Creek Cats and Maggie May

  12. Here’s wishing all of you and your human staff a happy and healthy 2011 with lots of good things, from all of us Good Cats (and our human staff too)!


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