Thursday, December 09, 2010

Thursday in the Garden

Since it has turned terribly cold around here, there isn't much to show in the garden. Luckily, we've brought a couple of trees indoors (well downstairs from the attic from their boxes) to enjoy!

We can't have real Christmas trees because Smokey is allergic...which is fine with us...less fuss this way! I do miss the aroma though of a real tree sometimes!
This tree is in the study and can be seen by the cars passing by. The boys enjoy hanging out under the tree...
This tree is in the living room...I haven't quite figured out how to get a good shot of the tree without the flash on. I'd love to be able to showcase the lights and the reflections off the ornaments.
I am also thankful for family's our 2010 family ornament that we picked up at the Apple Festival in October. You can read about it and see the lady writing on it here.

For more garden posts, check out Jonesie and the Society of Feline Gardeners.

Devon doesn't know it yet, but he's off to the VET this afternoon for his annual visit...paws crossed it goes well!


  1. Wow, TWO full, glorious, gorgeous trees! You guys are so lucky!

    A handful of years (or so) ago, our city stopped picking up Xmas trees after the holidays (put out for garbage/recycle, we mean). That leaves a lot of people like our mom, without vehicles, unable to have a real tree, because well, how do you get rid of it? You have to take it to the disposal site yourself now.

    A lot of trees get left at the end of driveways or tossed into ditches. You see them in the spring, after all the snow has gone, all brown and crispy.

    Oh, but we so loves yours!

  2. Purrty trees! And cute new 2010 ornament, too! Teri buys a wreath so we all get to sniff the nice smell of pine...

  3. Oh, we forgot to add this...when we lived in Oregon, the city gathered up all the old xmas trees, ground them up and used the chips on the paths in this nice park there. Cool idea, huh.

  4. Thanks for the clarification re: the trees -- they look real. Beautiful!

    Good luck to Devon, paws crossed!

  5. Awwwww Merry Christmas you gorgeous kitties of Four Crazy Cats!! Your trees are super duper lovely!!! Me and Charlie love how you've decorated them - they look so pretty!!!!!

    Aww that pretty ornament with Devon, Tanner and Smokey's names is just brilliant!! What a find!! Take care

  6. Your trees are so pretty! I really like your 2010 Ornament too!!!

  7. You guys are SO lucky, getting TWO cat, I mean Christmas, trees! My human needs two with all the ornaments she has... and so far she has not put up the one she has! Can you imagine!?

  8. Those are some pretty trees! And we like that ornament!!

    We have 2 trees too... the big one is in the living room and there's a small one in the family room.

  9. You have two trees! We are so deprived. Mum hasn't even put up our one tree yet.

  10. Hope Devon's vet visit went well!

    Both of your Christmas trees are gorgeous!!
    That has to be a lot of hard work decorating not just one but TWO trees!
    They are beautiful!

  11. How cool that you get 2 trees! We only get one and it's not decorated yet. It has lights but no dangly toys/ornaments yet. Hopefully this weekend!

    We have a real tree and a Boy Scout troop picks them up after Christmas for a small donation as a fund raising event.


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