Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flats in the Garden

Today's Garden post is taking place at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market...the Flats saw many wonderful things and wanted to share them with you.
There were booths from all over the state at this farmer's market and it was set up on the sidewalks downtown. There was something for everyone...Next week we'll show you some of the strange and unusual things we found...
Pirate loves a good fresh apple, and these are REALLY Fresh!
We found an Amish stand selling many different types of tomatoes...I asked him if we could photograph his food, and he was ok with that...Here's Pirate with some yellow heirloom tomatoes. I should have taken pictures of the signs telling what type they were, but oh well...
Sophie found some that were pretty and red...they all had such exotic sounding names...of course these are organic too.
Devon hanging out with some darker ones....
Tanner found some that were yellow and orange like him! Tabby Tomatoes anyone?

Smokey's choice were a very deep red...
Tanner and Sophie found the catnip stand...

Devon thought the blueberries looked is his color afterall :)

Smokey loved looking at the purple eggplant...Smokey loves the color purple!
There were beautiful flowers smelled wonderful walking down the streets. I think the boys were trying to con me into getting some of that catnip by offering me some flowers!

Well, there you have it. For more fabulous gardens check out the other members of The Society of Feline Gardeners.


  1. Ha ha - these photos are the greatest! Our human thinks those heirloom tomatoes look so yummy - but we would prefer the catnip.

    Purrs from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

  2. Looks like the flat cats and their humans had fun at the Farmer's Market. Don't you love going to the markets in different towns?

  3. I think the catnip was probaly the most popular item, but I liked Tabby Tomatoes too :-)

  4. Wow! What amazing colours and interesting stuff for sale. We liked the cat nip best of all.

  5. You Flat Cats look like you're having a wonderful time! Good job finding the Cat Nip stand! Hope your beans bought some!

  6. Wow,everyone had a little fruit of their own. Those were some good picks and in the tomatoes too. Good kitties. We need some flat kitties of ourselves so we could go places. Those are great pictures. Hope you have a fine day.

  7. The flats sure did grow some pretty rounds!

  8. Great pictures!! So glad the whole family could make the trip! I would guess that the tomatoes Sophie and Smokey found are called 'Coeur de Boeuf' - at least that is what I know them as over here. They ALL look so good I think I can actually SMELL them!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful market day with us!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  9. Oh wow!!! Me and Charlie love the apples and the many varieties of tomatoes - all looking so juicy and fresh and yummy!! We think Pirate, Sophie, Devon and Tanner made these even yummier to look at!

    We hope they got some fresh catnip! :-)

    Take care

  10. Wow that looks like a great farmers market! And the flat cats look like they had a lot of fun exploring!

  11. Ok...we want to be flats, too so we can go outside, in the garden and at the market and out to dinner, too!

  12. Looks like it didn't take the flats long to find the nip.

  13. The Flats sure did get to see a lot of interesting stuff!

  14. Those first tomatoes look like persimmons! Do you have persimmons out there?


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