Friday, August 13, 2010

Flats around the town

In today's post the flat cats show you all the fun they had on the rest of their vacation...
In Minneapolis, there was a neat metal sculpture store...the cats thought these rabbits were funny because of all the trouble we've had with rabbits in our garden this year! Watch out Rabbit, or we'll turn you into a sculpture!
Later on, in Lanesboro, the cats were hot and decided to float down the river...
Taking an Amish tour in a buggy...
Here's mom and Auntie with the cats in a surrey...
Later in Wisconsin, cheese was needed...the flats all picked out their favorites. Notice Tanner has found the chocolate cheese!
Eating lunch...fresh cheese, summer sausage and root beer!

We saw a moose while driving back to Minnesota...the flats stayed safe in the car, while mom and Auntie ventured to get a picture. (note: he was behind a fence)
Devon wanted to make sure mom saw this sign...

Beautiful hanging baskets in the town of Red Wing, where the parade was held.

There is a Norwegian store there and Pirate wanted to ride on a horse!

This pillow was cool, showing all the different places in Minnesota...

A neat chair carved from a tree trunk...the flats can appreciate good craftsmanship!

At our favorite restaurant...unfortunately these fevvers were not real :(

Any some cat beat us to this bird...bummer.

Well, we hope you've enjoyed our adventures...there will be a few more flat posts on some of the themed days next week. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Yep, the flats are so cool and it sure looks like they had a great time!

  2. You fkats sure are having the grandest time in Minn. LOVE the pictures you are sharing with us! Mom laughed at Skeletor Bird!

  3. Chocolate cheese?!?! Well done Tanner!!! Wow!! Chocolate chees, well I never!

    Awwww you flat kitties are having the best time!! Thank you for showing us around Wisconsin. Me and Charlie love your shopping exploits in these quirky shops! Lovely!

    We like the Mr. Moose best though - what a handsome fella!

    Take care

  4. Wow it looks like you all had so much fun! And oh boy that cheese looked so delicious!

  5. Mommy got to the part about the chocolate cheese and turned into a gibbering mess! Now we know what to get HER for Sandy Claws Day!

    The Flat Cats sure look like they had a great time on vacation...and we watched the video from the previous post...too funny!

  6. Wow! We like all of these photos so much. The rabbit sculptures, the moose, the dala horses (our mom really wants one of those), that great pillow - and that incredible chair. And we LOVE the cheese photo.

    Looking forward to seeing more flat posts :)

  7. Great post, fun photos and more.
    Flat Cats -- awesome, don't need grooming, no litter issues, no vet or food bills.
    But wait! You can't pet and cuddle a flat cat... so we'll stick
    with the real thing!

  8. Looks like the flat cats are having a great time in all those lovely photos. Our mum couldn't take her eyes off the chocolate cheese either.

  9. What a good time the flats had!! We hope they brought some of that cheese home for the not-flats!!

  10. Our mama was in 7th heaven and wished she'd been along as a flat!!!!!!!! She was born and raised in South Dakota a gazillion years ago and spent a lot of time in Minnesota, especially Mpls......and her in-laws were from Wisconsin, so she spent a lotta time in Wisconsin also.

    We want to thank y'all for stopping by to celebrate with helped make Andy's birthday very special. xxxxxxxxx

  11. P.S. -
    We left an award for your human. Here is the link:

    Please do not feel obligated to do this - we just wanted to recognize some of our feline gardener humans.

  12. And yet another P.S.
    Our mom forgot to say that she loves Minnesota and Wisconsin. She would love to live there if the winter weather wasn't so bad. She has traveled a lot in both states and she loved how everyone there looked just like she does :).

  13. We love this entry!

    Hope we will be like the flat cat - follow our umie where she goes ;)


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