Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two on Tuesday

These are older pictures, from about 4 years ago. I have posted some before, but they are perfect for my theme today, and really, who doesn't like some kitty love? We were moving into an apartment after our townhouse sold, while we waited for our house to finish. We decided to board the cats at the PetsHotel for one night, so the movers would have an easier time, and we wouldn't have to worry them running out or being in the way.

Tanner and Devon roomed together in a large cage because they get along quite nicely. Smokey and Mojo were roommates, and Pirate and Sophie shared a cage. We looked like crazy cat ladies for sure bringing in all these cats for one night! It took two shopping carts to haul them in :)
We tried to get the apartment all set up for them before picking them up, so it wouldn't be so scary for them. They did well, and found their favorite spots quickly.
Devon and Tanner needed a bit of extra time with each other. I almost felt like I was interrupting a moment :)
Love bugs! Big brother Devon, comforting his baby brother, Tanner.
It's nice to have a friend in the world to help soothe you in times of worry...
All better now...time for a nap.

Thank God for best friends!


  1. Actually, that was a pretty good idea, to board them out for one night, to enable the movers to come and go without concern. And the pics are so sweet. Yes, most of us could use at least one friend to help soothe the worries! :-)

  2. AWWWW what perfect brudderly love!! Awwww that's so lovely seeing Tanner and Devon together like that - so so sweet!

    Take care

  3. Oh my, those are great pictures, they made my whiskers grin up!

  4. What an adorable post! Furbling love is awesome!

  5. I just love this! What good brothers they are to each other. I agree that friends always help, especially during stressful times. What sweetiepies.

  6. That was a good idea to keep all the kitties separate until you could get them all moved in. No needless worrying about losing a cat! Those pictures are indeed wonderful and loving. So many times people think cats are loners but this series of pictures show how interdependent they are on one another.


  7. Now that's brotherly love...so sweet!

  8. That is so nice...we have our alliances and cuddle buddies, too. We agree, buddies are the bestest!

    Mommy says you moved the kitties in a Very Smart way.

  9. Such sweet picture! It's nice to have a comfort in times of stress.


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